Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lately 4/26/2018

Here we are- the last Lately post of April! This month was great. It was my birthday month, after all! I made sure to clear April of travel. I wanted just one month that I could make sure to spend at home. It was great because I was able to relax more on the weekends in my apartment, get together with friends and family, and catch up on Pittsburgh life in general!

This week was one where I got a lot done! I feel like I have been very productive overall this month. I typically clean my apartment before the weekend, but this week, I cleaned on Sunday. It was really nice to start the week with a very clean space. It was refreshing and set me up for success this week!

This weekend, my cousin, Paige, is graduation from college! I actually can't believe it because she still seems so little to me! I'm excited to celebrate with her on Sunday.

Pittsburgh-ing: The photos at the top of this post are from my birthday dinner at a new Pittsburgh restaurant, Poulet Bleu. It's a French restaurant located in Lawrenceville by the restauranteur, Richard DeShantz. I had been wanting to go since it opened but it was hard to get a reservation on a Saturday night! My thoughts? It's a must-go. The decor is something straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie and it feels like you are on vacation rather in Pittsburgh. It's truly something different and something Pittsburgh did not have. Everything was wonderful and I really liked that the wine list was very affordable.

The only thing that was annoying is that they make you pay for bread and butter. It's only like $4, but still. It's a pricey French restaurant and you'd think they would bring baguette before your meal as a courtesy. They're just overall chincy with their bread. We had ordered mussels and it came with two measly slices to sop up the delicious broth. Definitely not enough for 4 people when there were enough mussels for probably 6 people. It's a small but very valid constructive bit of criticism.

Sweater// Jeans (currently 30% off)
Wearing: I got this men's sweater recently and love it. I'm wearing a size small and it first perfectly! I love that this is cotton for spring/summer/fall and can be machine washed.

Eating: This week, I wrote a post about GG crackers that you can read, here. 

Sale-ing: Talbots just kicked off their Friends and Family sale where you can take 30% off your total purchase. You can find some really good deals in this sale- especially because Talbots always has nice quality. I just got this gorgeous white dress and my mom got this top and skirt. I tried these cropped sweats on in the store and they surprised me so much. They're beyond soft and comfortable but also really flattering. You could wear them to run errands and look cute/put together!
Watching: My friend Aly and I went to see Chappaquiddick this past weekend. I rarely see a movie in theaters anymore, but this one is worth going to see! It is so well done and interesting. It's about Ted Kennedy and the death of a woman while they are driving on Martha's Vineyard and how he tried to cover it up. 

Loving: This Lilly shift has to be the best ever! Is anyone else as obsessed as I am?

Wanting: So many cute things right now- I'm soooo ready for it to warm up here in Pittsburgh. It's definitely been milder, but we are still getting into the 30s at night and in the early mornings. I am ready for that to go away!!! 

Smelling: I got this fig candle at Target the other day for under $10 and it smells so similar to the Diptyque Figuier, which is one of my favorite scents. I personally prefer a clear glass candle because I like the glow that it gives off, but the larger version of the candle comes in this beautiful ceramic blue and white holder

Quoting: 'When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.' - Paulo Coelho // See more of my favorites, here. 


Briana said...

How cute is Poulet Bleu?! You're right, it does look straight out of a Nancy Meyers. I need to check out that fig candle, too.

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Lauren said...

I love the wall paper in that one restaurant!



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