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Backpacks for Traveling

Backpacks for Traveling
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I have never counted the tote bags that I own and quite honestly, I am afraid to do so. I have always been such a tote gal. Especially now because I'm almost always on-the-go with my computer and my camera. Both are big and heavy (ugh). I have the 15" Macbook. While I know most have the 13", I just love the larger screen- even while on the go, I appreciate the bigger screen. 

A lot of my totes serve different purposes. A carry-on, a pool/beach bag, a weekender, for dirty laundry (looks cuter than most hampers!), for picnics, for moving (seriously in college, totes were the only reason I think I moved in and out of dorms and was able to keep my sanity). Point being: totes are the best and you can use them for whatever it may be. 

Enter the backpack. I have two backpacks. I'll be sharing one soon because it is so cute. I got it so I could wear it while walking Henry. We go on long walks together for exercise and a backpack is so easy to carry with treats and waters for the both of my keys, wallet, and phone! It's smaller so I can't fit my 15" laptop. 

The other backpack that I have is specifically made to carry my camera, computer, and equipment. It wasn't cheap and it's not exactly attractive. The functionality, however, is great. The only issue is that it's great for protecting my camera and lenses and computer, but it doesn't leave room for much else (while traveling). So I could carry that on, but I would still have to carry another bag with things I never check like my makeup, jewelry, headphones, cashmere wrap, etc. (it all takes up more room than you'd think!). 

I have a few totes that I enjoy using as my 'personal item' on flights. I am a notorious over-packer and almost never carry-on a piece of luggage (always check a big bag). So it's really just me and my giant personal item. My two favorites are Barrington Gift's Yacht tote and Nantucket tote. I will also occasionally use my L.L. Bean XL canvas tote or my Goyard St. Louis. 

As much as I love a tote, I have been in way too many travel situations where I have to race to a different terminal or I have to get into a small plane where they stow your personal item underneath or I end up having to stand in a long TSA line and my shoulder hurts from holding my bag for so long (one time I was standing for so long, I started dragging my tote on the ground because my shoulder started hurting so badly). 

I feel like as I get older, I'm a bit less concerned about fashion (wait, what??) and more concerned about function. Plus, function, when you are traveling, makes everything much more enjoyable, don't you think? I am wondering if you use backpacks when you travel? Do you use them as your personal item? And if so, do you have one that is super functional but also cute? 

My reservation is that a lot of the times that I travel with a tote, I also use it while at my destination and I know I wouldn't use the backpack. When I'm traveling within the country, I also like a tote without a zip because I can access everything easily and quickly (I just make sure to carry bags inside of the open tote that zip). 

I think the issue is that I have a 15" laptop and a lot of the backpacks I have found only accommodate 13 inches (this one and this one is so cute but only for 13" laptops)! So, today I thought I would share a few backpacks that I have come across that I am considering purchasing as my travel backpack. Weigh in if you have any of the ones I am considering!

One// This is my least favorite in the 'looks' category. I think it looks like it is meant for a man. However, this is really functional and has so many great pockets and design features. I think for the amount I will use the backpack, this might be too intense with all of the features but might be amazing for someone who commutes daily via public transportation. 

Two// I love the beautiful leather of this backpack. The only concern I have with this one is that it seems a bit stiff and therefore can't accommodate odd-shaped items (like my camera). This one has a non-zip pocket on the outside which I love so much. Would be great for your plane ticket and phone for quick access! 

Three// Of course, this is my favorite and it is also the second most expensive. It has a great strap on the back of the bag that you can attach to your luggage. I'm not sure if I would want navy or black. I wear black in the winter and navy in the summer so it's a toss-up. 

Four// I love the look of this backpack and it has some really great pockets. My mom and dad had this when we were children (they had the whole sportsman luggage set) and he loved it. It has some reviews that the quality isn't what it used to be so that's what holds me off a little. 

Five// This is the leather version of #3. I love the luxe look but don't think I need something that fancy for just flights. 

Six// I love the look of this- the only thing is that the straps don't look extremely comfortable and the leather in the photo doesn't look high-quality (but who knows!). This looks like the Coach backpack I have been dreaming of for ages

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Anonymous said...

I have the Tumi backpack (number 3) and absolutely love it. I use it on a daily basis for work and also for travel. It holds a lot more than it looks like it can hold, is durable, and the straps are very comfortable. Highly recommend!


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