Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Things I've Bought On Amazon Prime

Things I've Bought On Amazon Prime
I haven't done an Amazon roundup lately (it's been almost a year!) so I thought I would share some of the things I have purchased. It's SUCH a black hole, and I'm sure I'd save a ton of money if I didn't have Amazon Prime, but on the other hand, what a convenience! 

You'd think that a plastic coiled hair tie would be the same from brand to brand, right? I thought so, too. I got the invisibobble hair ties for Christmas this year from several people and I loved them!  I scoff at the $8 price for 3 of them- it seems ridiculous. I found a much cheaper alternative at Target and had been using those, but you know what? I truly think the Invisibobble brand is worth the splurge. They work so much better in my hair, they don't break (the cheap ones do), and they grip better. They're 5 cents cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else, ha! 

I love using these screen protectors. Mine has gotten so cracked over the past year or so and I have really needed to replace it. I finally ordered a new one and it feels like I have a new screen! 

I'll add on a goDog toy for Henry every once in a while. They're durable and while Henry still destroys them quickly, they're the best brand that I have found that will hold up for longer than 5 minutes. 

I'm pretty sure this entire package lasted me over a year! I love the dispensers because it's easy to do with one hand. Plus the tape is extra strong and durable. 

In an effort to be more frugal (I have a major savings goal I am trying to meet by the end of this year) I am trying to cut back on the amount of mani/pedis I get. I ordered two of my favorite polishes so I could touch my nails up at home in between appointments: Big Apple Red and Bubble Bath. 

I've ordered a bunch of music from Amazon but I really love this scale book. As much as I try to dive right into playing, I am trying to make sure I am reminding myself of the proper scales and rhythms and this book is a great practice. 

This is the second book in the Thousandth Floor series. I am obsessed. It's such a great YA beach read!

I'm always buying SD cards. This is one of my favorite brands. I usually buy them in 64GB because it's just enough but not too huge! 
My cord that came with my MacBook finally stopped working. This was just $5 on Amazon and I thought it might be too good to be true. I was very pleasantly surprised because it works perfectly!

I wanted to include this one again because a lot of people have asked me for the link. Henry loves this little treat game. He's gotten way too good at it but he really has fun. It helps them to feel like they're 'working' and also helps strengthen their brains! 

This is something that some of you had suggested that I try! It's a very bold blue liquid that you add to your load of whites in the washing machine. It really does help to brighten dingy whites! 

These are so inexpensive and just as good as the much pricier ones! 

These are the BEST! They are so sharp and can tackle pretty much everything. I buy them for gifts because they're that good. 

My mom and I saw people with these clips when we were on our cruise and we thought they were so clever. They're essentially oversized clothespins that hold your towel in place on a lounge chair. 

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Unknown said...

I would add the zulay lime/lemon squeezer to your list. It is amazing!

Mariah Rickard said...

Love this roundup! I've been wanting to try those hair ties!

Christina said...

You should make an Amazon page!!

tdickinson said...

Would love to hear more about your savings goal!


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