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Things I've Recently Purchased via Amazon Prime

Things I've Recently Purchased via Amazon Prime
This is a dramatic statement, but I don't know what I did before Amazon Prime. It's the best thing ever. SO quick and easy to get anything you could possibly want. Although, it's not great for my wallet!! Today is Amazon Prime Day where Amazon rolls out special deals, promotions, discounts etc. on certain items.

Last year, I shared my favorite beauty products that you can get on Amazon, but today, I am just going to candidly share all of the random things I've most recently ordered and why. This list is long so keep scrolling! I'd love for you to also share anything you love getting from Amazon Prime

If you don't have this game- you need it. It is SO funny. I love playing it. It can be inappropriate, so it's definitely for and 'older' crowd. I love to give this as a gift. 

I just ordered this for our lake house so we can play when we go. If you've played a ton, you know the cards can get old, so it will be fun to have new cards added to the decks! They also make a '90's pack of cards which I ordered and also gave as a gift this past Christmas to my girlfriends. SO. FUN. 

I leave my coffee scoop out in plain sight, so I was looking for something pretty and functional and this is just that! Plus, it's under $10! 

I haven't played this yet but also ordered for the lake house. So excited to play this with family and friends! 

I'm not huge into working out but when I workout in my apartment, I strap these onto my ankles for a bit of an added level of difficulty. I also put them on when I'm doing a big clean around my apartment for a little multi-tasking- working out and cleaning, ha! 

I don't know about you, but I have 3 separate remotes for each TV in my apartment. It's ridiculous. I have one for the speakers, one for the actual TV, one for the cable. I'm pretty sure these are the only things that take batteries in 2017, so I got these Amazon Basic batteries in a huge pack which will last forever. They're way less pricey than the name brand or even if you were to go to Target! 

This is so basic and makes me feel like I'm 75, but I use pill packs to sort out my vitamins but also like to travel with them because they so easily store and separate small necklaces and earrings! 

I read that this is supposed to help with your joints. I've been having some major shoulder pain and I'm not sure why. I can't figure out if it is from tennis or what, so I am hoping that this supplement will help. You take three a day. 

This is such a necessity for me. I have several hard drives and they need to be well protected, especially when traveling with them. This is a great case which protects and also has a great little storage area for cords and SD cards! 

I wanted a lightweight, compact tripod for travel and this was the least pricey option. It's not the highest quality but nice for the price! 

You all know about this one! I just ordered the stick packs to take with me on all my travels I am about to embark on. This is another one that is really supposed to help with joint pain. 

These are the best sponges ever. They get really 'scrubby' when under cold water and then soft when under warm water. They are anti-microbial and the little holes are for cleaning things like spoons-genius! I keep these on hand for myself but I also add these onto hostess gifts/any type of gift because they're so great and you can always use a new sponge! 

I get all my SD cards on Amazon. Quick and easy. Every time I fill up a card, I start a new one... I never erase them! 

I use this to clean my leather couch. They don't have a distinct smell, they aren't over saturated with formula and they're quick and easy to use. You could also use this on shoes or handbags/etc. 

I read an article from WSJ that said Pittsburgh is becoming the next Flint, MI in terms of high lead levels in the water. Freezing/boiling water does not remove the lead so you must use a filter. Because of this, I drink a lot of bottled water, but also got this filter for things like making coffee, ice cubes, etc. It's honestly ugly on the faucet, but I'd rather have an ugly thing on my faucet than poison myself with lead. I also got plenty of backup filters, too! 

I shared with you all how I 'shave my face' aka dermaplane and these are the razors I use to do it. They're super inexpensive and really easy to use!

These are by far my favorite highlighters. Super pigmented but they don't bleed through the page and you can use them as a marker or highlighter since they have a nice chiseled tip. 

My mom has used this brand forever and now I use it. It's the best and quickly and safely polishes all my silver. 

This is a great set of resistance bands for at-home workouts. They're super easy and comfortable to use and I love that they just fold up into the tiny pouch that comes with them! 

I get this for all of my mom-to-be friends and write a little note in it. It's my favorite children's book and such a cute little add-on to any shower present! 

I have an electric glass cooktop stove and I loathe it. When I first moved in, I was so distraught in how to keep it clean, and you all suggested this cooktop cleaner which I now swear by. I literally have to clean it after every use, but it really does a great job. I use these buffing towels on the surface for a dust-free scratch-free shine. 

This was another recommendation from readers. It's a cleansing powder that you can use on stainless steel. I use this to scrub my stainless steel tub sink and then it also will really clean my stove if something has boiled over and caked on. 

I take a probiotic every single day. I've mentioned this before and they are truly life changing. I really think they keep my digestive tract moving and are the best when I travel. They're pretty expensive, in my opinion, but well worth it. 

This is amazing. It plugs right into the side of my Nikon and then I'm able to wireless transfer photos from my camera to my phone via the built in Wi-Fi. 

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Waac Thanks for a great informative post on items that are practical and necessary. Some I am learning about from this post but have then in my cart for my next order. Thanks.


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