Monday, November 5, 2018

It's a Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Quote
2018 Update: I rarely re-post old blog posts. I'm all about fresh, new content. But this, I feel, needs to be re-posted yearly. This is a post I originally posted in 2014, and I like to bring it back the first week in November before we jump into the Most Wonderful Time of The Year. This will be the 5th time I have posted it and I hope it always serves as a fresh reminder to be your best self, today and always! 

So here's the post from 2014...

I've felt compelled to write this blog post for a few weeks now as the holiday season quickly approaches. I'm the holiday season's biggest fan. Christmas music (so much Frank Sinatra), holiday movies (Eloise and Home Alone), advent calendars,  shopping, parties, food, cocktails (ahem, all the champs), so much plaid, bows, twinkle lights, party dresses, etc. To me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

In the blogging world, I especially love seeing blogger's gift guides and the fabulous holiday outfits on so many different blogs. All of these amazing women (and men) are offering up some really great ideas and inspiration.

I have some really fun things planned on Summer Wind for the holiday season, too, and hope you'll follow along as I share. A handful of gift guides, some holiday party outfit inspiration, my favorite holiday traditions, etc. But before I get into fully embracing the season (it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!!), I want to pause and reflect. 
This is a sweeping generalization, but blogging, over the years, has become much less of a personal diary. But, I believe, it's for good reason. I personally try to stay away from overly personal posts because I register that my audience encompasses, old bosses, co-workers, grandparents, old teachers, etc. As well as it is best for my safety to leave some personal information off of the internet.

I get a lot of questions from those who read my blog about how I am always 'so optimistic'. Often, I am asked how I 'have it all together'. It's truly flattering. And truth be told, I really am a happy person. But at the same time, I certainly do not have it all together.

With the holiday season approaching, it can be easy to compare yourselves to others and get caught up in the gift guides, how to make the perfect holiday cookies, what to wear to your next holiday soiree or where to fly off to ring in the New Year. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the overall season is supposed to bring people together and unite those in happiness, love, and celebration... as cliche as that sounds. 

I know, personally, having all of my beloved friends and families close makes me feel so 'full' of love. It's cheesy but true. So when people ask me how I am always so happy? Here's how: I let the gift guides fall to the wayside, I eat my imperfect holiday cookies and I wear my uggs around my house with my cocktail dress before throwing on my heels to go to the party (#guilty). 

I also spend time with my loved ones. When I see strangers on the street, I give them an extra big smile-- I make a conscientious effort to try and brighten every single person's day because that is what this season is all about. Let others know how important they are to you and how much they mean to you.
The holiday season is also a time for those who feel lonely, to feel even lonelier. It can also be a time of increased stress for many, too. It's important to acknowledge that and keep those who may be hurting or struggling in your thoughts and make them feel welcome and special, too. 
Years from now, you will not remember the gifts or the cocktails or the perfect table settings. You will remember the people you spent your time with. You will remember those you helped and those who helped you. 

Your life is only wonderful if you choose to acknowledge that it is. One of my goals with Summer Wind is to bring happiness to others, so I hope no matter what your situation this holiday season, you can join me and find a reason to believe it really is a Wonderful Life


Gabriela said...

This is such a great post. I kind of dread reading many blogs during the holidays because they start to portray the same commercialism that's shoved down our throats at the mall and on TV ads. I love the sparkly aspects of the holidays as much as the next 24 year old female, but sometimes it's hard to get through the season when you feel inadequate for not buying all your friends Kate Spade baubles and throwing a Pinterest-perfect holiday fete! Thank you for the reminder of what this time of year should really be about, both in the real world AND the blogging one. Enjoy it!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I totally agree that there has to be an appropriate line in what you share on social media. My general rule is I never post anything I wouldn't be comfortable with my co-workers reading. However, I do enjoy when bloggers post more "real" posts about their daily lives. I think you strike a nice balance between posting fashion inspiration and also sharing who you are! It's definitely a great message to keep things in perspective during the Holidays; blogs are like magazines and no one is dressed in the perfect Holiday outfit all the time!

Farrah said...

Love, love, love! Confession: I'm already playing Frank Sinatra Holiday station on Pandora.

Sarah said...

I love the balance that you manage to hit in this post! It definitely is too easy to fall into the habit of comparison - at all times, but especially during the holidays.

I too love the holidays and I'm looking forward to seeing what you plan on sharing with us on your blog :)

Sweet Spontaneity

Heather A. said...

Great post and such a good reminder!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Your blog is one of the bright points of light on the net!

Sydney Liz said...

I love that you reposted this. As much as I love all of the gift guides and outfit ideas, I appreciate that you've taken a moment to mention more of the meaning of the season!

Sharon said...

This post is a big reason why I read your blog. It's not just the wonderful fashion and food tips. It's the good energy that you project.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read this. What a wonderful reminder for all of us this holiday season.

Gina said...

Ditto what Sharon said!!

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

I agree with all of the comments above and want add “well said”!

Meredith said...

One of my favorites each year!

Lauren said...

Love that you did this post and all the points you hit!


Unknown said...

I love this outlook, but I also came down here to exclaim over your mention of Eloise at Christmastime! Your the first person I've heard mention that movie except for my cousin and I. Can't help but watch it a few times each season!


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