Thursday, April 25, 2019


This week has absolutely flown by! My to-do list is never-ending and because of that, I am just going and going and going at all hours!  

The movers came on Monday and moved everything out of my apartment. So now we have furniture, which is very exciting. It's starting to feel much more like a home now! I still need a good bit of furniture but the process has been lots of fun! 

The photo above is my nightstand- I'm actually looking for something that looks similar for the other side. I got this 3 years ago from an antique shop and I absolutely love it but it is so hard to find this classic style of furniture anywhere! I've been resorting to antique shops but haven't found anything yet! 

This weekend, my fiancé and I are headed on a 24-hour road trip which should be fun! Other than that, I fully plan on continuing to work through my to-do list. I'll rest eventually, ha! 

Wearing: Did you all have a nice Easter? My parents host Easter each year and this year was no different. We went to their house for a delicious dinner with family and friends. I wore this pretty little navy tweed shift dress and brought along this adorable bow tote bag

Eating: Oh my goodness, you must buy this vegetable stir fry mix at Trader Joe's! We made it this week and it is SO good. It took about 4 minutes to make in the skillet and then we added baked salmon. So easy, so good, and decently healthy!! 
Drinking: We went to Totopo this weekend and it is one of my favorite Mexican spots in Pittsburgh. Their food is so good as are their margaritas. I love the jalapeno marg (seen above) and highly recommend it! 

Reading: Loved reading this quick article about colors not to paint your house (inside and out!).

Sale-ing: Tory Burch is having a great sale and two of my favorites are included in the sale! These gorgeous embellished bow pumps and this scalloped silk blouse (which I have and absolutely love!). Now, if only they would put the lettuce ware on sale! 

 Right now I am watching the new seasons of Summer House and RHONY, but other than that I am in a show rut! I am, however, so excited for so many amazing upcoming series later this year: Handmaid's Tale, Stranger Things, Big Little Lies, and more! Are you watching anything that you would recommend? 

Listening: Who else is SO excited for Taylor Swift's new album out TOMORROW! I am so excited. 

Wanting: This sleeveless gingham top is SO gorgeous. Wow. 

Pittsburgh-ing: My fiancé and I saw this Instagram from Smallman Galley for their short rib grilled cheese and we are specifically going there tonight for it. It looks SO good. 

Traveling: This weekend my fiancé and I are headed on a little road trip for one night to Geneva, OH. It's about 2ish hours away from Pittsburgh and I'm excited to explore the area. We are staying in a cottage on a Vineyard and will be visiting some other Vineyards in the area. Love being able to explore the state where my fiancé is from!

Quoting: 'When thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past, no amount of anxiety can change the future.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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