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Things You Should Spring Clean

Things You Should Spring Clean
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I know I'm probably in the rarity in that I love to clean and organize. It's calming and I just love the instant gratification that comes from it. I know some of you feel this way, too, because I get a lot of requests to share cleaning tips, especially after I shared this post!

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I thought I would share a list of things that you may not have on your spring cleaning list but should! 

Garbage Cans and Bins// It's kind of weird to say that you should be cleaning something that you use to hold trash, but it kind of makes sense. Either that or toss them and get new every so often.

Polish Silver// This is one that I do often! I use my silverware every day and usually, that helps it from tarnishing as quickly as other silver that just sits out or sits in storage, but I finally caved last week and polished my silverware. It takes a lot of time and elbow grease but shines so beautifully when you are done! 

Baseboards and Moulding// I actually do this pretty often. It's amazing how much dust can cling to these areas! I just use a microfiber cloth and run it along the areas but if there are any stubborn spots, I use a Magic Eraser. 

Sofa Cushion Covers// Most upholstered sofa cushion covers can be removed and washed. Make sure you read the cleaning instructions beforehand. I pop mine in with a bit of oxy clean and they come out looking good as new! If you see your sofa cushions starting to sag or become less perky than you would typically like, you can also give them a refresh by buying some stuffing (Amazon, Michael's, etc.) and stuffing them to look new again! 

Pillows and Duvet// You may wash your pillowcases and duvet covers often, but how often do you actually wash your duvet and pillows?! I wash mine about once a month and wash everything else (shams, coverlet, duvet cover, mattress pad) weekly (my pillowcases sheets twice a week). 

Refrigerator// This is my least favorite task. You should take every single thing out of your refrigerator and give it a good scrub down. You can do this in the freezer, too! I just ordered these to keep my refrigerator and freezer smelling fresh- hopeful that they work even better than baking soda! 

Clean Sneakers// I don't know about you but I love and totally live in my sneakers. They get so much wear. Because of this, they get grungy pretty quickly. Somehow, I always forget about caring for them. I use the spring season as a reminder to clean my sneakers- usually, that entails just popping them into the wash but sometimes they need a good scrub/soak with oxi clean! This is soooo satisfying after it is done!

Dry Cleaners// Bring all of your winter coats that you have stopped wearing to the dry cleaner so they can clean them up. That way, they will be fresh in the back of your closet and when you go to pull them out on a cold fall day, you'll be glad to see that they are nice and clean! This will also help keep them in nicer shape for longer! 

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