Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beauty Q+A

A few weeks ago, before the Sephora Sale started, I had asked you all to submit any beauty-related questions you had and I would answer them in the Sephora Sale post. Well, you all asked SO many questions that I decided I would do an entirely separate blog post to answer some of them! 

Beauty, and especially skincare are my favorite topics and I love sharing my knowledge with all of you! 

Chemical vs. physical exfoliants?
I personally think both. I am more of a fan of chemical exfoliants because I see bigger results with them. Plus, you have to be careful with physical exfoliants because the fine pieces can irritate your skin. However, I think once you start peeling from different acids or even things like Retin-A, you still need a physical exfoliant to slough off the dead skin.

Current Favorite Chemical Exfoliants: Instant Facial, Biologique Recherche, facial radiance pads
Current Favorite Physical Exfoliants: Microdermabrasion
Chemican and Physical Exfoliator: Exfolikate 

Natural looking foundation?
If you are looking for something natural, not heavy, and just gives you a 'your skin but better' look, I would highly suggest this. It's basically moisturizer that makes you look sunkissed. I've been wearing it daily and it's especially good for a dewy look.

Favorite lip balms?
For regular basic lip balm, I swear by Blistex in the green tube. I have been using it exclusively for 15 years and have a tube everywhere.

I have recently been loving Lancome's lip balm which is for daytime use and plumps lips. I haven't noticed any huge difference in terms of plumping but the texture is so smooth and hydrating and also gives you a nice bit of shine.

At night, this isn't a lip balm, but rather a lip sleeping mask... but it's basically a lip balm. I really like it. It's really heavy and great for dry, chapped winter lips.

Do you double cleanse? 
No, I use these and they are the best for washing your face/removing ALL of your makeup. I highly recommend and with these, there is truly no need to double cleanse. 

Is Dior lip glow still your favorite or have you found something better? Did you ever find a good dupe?
Dior lip glow is my #1. My two favorite colors are berry and pink. I have been using it for years now. I have long been looking for a similar product because it is quite pricey and there isn't a ton of product in the tube. I have now tried probably 10 different brands and haven't loved them as much as the Dior Lip Glow. However, last week, I was sent a press package from Glamsquad. They just started a makeup line and I got sent their lip balms. I truly think that their tinted lip balm is even better. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt because I have only been wearing it for a few days, so I don't want to declare it my #1 just yet, but as of right now, I am obsessed. It's basically the same formula as the Dior lip glow but maybe even smoother. The thing I love best is that I find the Dior Lip Glow in berry to be too purply and the pink to be too pink/not enough color. The rose color from Glamsquad is truly as if the Dior berry and pink were made into one color. 

What is your favorite concealer that truly hides dark circles?
Without hesitation, Naked Concealer. I have been using it for years and I just recently switched to Tarte's Shape Tape because everyone raves about it. Well, it doesn't hold a candle to the Naked Concealer. The Naked concealer is lightweight and full coverage. It lasts all day, too, and is never cakey and easily blendable. I recently learned a trick from a makeup artist to use a peach color corrector on your undereye dark circles first before you apply concealer. I have been using this one, and have noticed a crazy difference. When I color correct, you truly can't see the dark circles. It's an extra step, but worth it.  

How often do you do a face mask?
It depends on my skin, the season, etc. I used to be really into face masks and then I think I just got lazy. I would typically say around 1-2 times per week! If I have an important event coming up or my skin is particularly fickle, I might do one every other night.

Do you have eyelash extensions and if so, do you recommend them?
Yes, see this blog post for all of the info on eyelash extensions!

Do you have microbladed eyebrows?
No, that's just another thing to add to the list of my already high-maintenance appointments (hair, nails, eyelashes, etc.)! I don't like the idea of them being semi-permanent, either. I have never had great eyebrows, but they are not something that I really care much about, so I have never even had the desire to look into microblading! 

What skincare treatments do you get regularly? Your skin is so clear!
In 2016/2017 I used to get chemical peels every few months. I really liked them but they were a bit annoying because my face would literally peel for days afterward. They did help with acne and acne scarring a lot, though so I would recommend if that is your issue, too. Right now, I don't get any professional facial services. I actually don't love getting facials, just a personal preference. I have not had Botox, either, but am not against it- just afraid of needles. If I wasn't afraid of needles, I would get Botox. You can read my post about that, here.

As weird as this sounds, I also shave my face from time to time. You can read about that, here. I find this to be a game changer. It makes makeup look SO much better.

I used to microneedle with this tool. This is another thing that I think helps a lot with texture and acne scarring. It really does work. It's painless, too. I haven't done it in several months because I don't think my face needs it right now and it's also just another step to add and I get lazy from time to time about that!

With my wedding coming up next year, I may get a peel or something as I get closer. As much as I want to look my absolute best, I also want to look like myself!

My only tip with skincare is to find products and a routine that works for you and then absolutely stick to it no matter what. I do my skincare religiously day and night no matter what. I ALWAYS take off my makeup before bed.

I also really think that a lot of skincare is based on your skin being hydrated (always moisturize day and night) and also using SPF to prevent age spots and wrinkles. 

Favorite serum? Looking for dewy, hydrated skin!
If you want a serum that will deliver dewy, hydrated skin, I highly recommend Skinceutical's HA Intensifier. You can use it alone to boost your skin's hyaluronic acid but I usually add a few drops to my moisturizer for a super potent moisturizing cocktail of sorts. I also swear by Cetaphil's Night Cream. It's rich but lightweight. I slather it on like I would a mask and usually leave it to sink in for an hour or so before my head hits the pillow. 

Have you tried Beauty Counter and have you had success with their products?
Nope, I have never tried it.

Would you ever get fillers?
Never say never, but I highly doubt it. 

Tips for dealing with hormonal acne? Have you ever had acne?
I've had TERRIBLE acne in my mid-twenties. I think it was from stress/anxiety getting my hormones all out of whack. I had perfectly clear skin before then. Rarely ever even had a single zit and all of a sudden, I was having cystic acne. It was awful and I was embarrassed about my skin.

I honestly think that the #1 thing that I did to help cure it was to first get my stress/anxiety under control. Honestly, no product out there is going to cure the awful, cystic acne until you get to the root of why it is happening. Obviously, I'm not a doctor so you should always consult yours!!

I wrote a post 2 years ago about my favorite products for acne-prone skin.

I think once you have your acne under control, it's then about getting rid of the scarring/redness. That took about 2 years for me until my skin was back to normal! I wrote about it above, but chemical peels help a lot with this as does Vitamin C serums and micro needling.

Best anti-aging eye cream?
I need to do an entire blog post about this, but I partially think eye creams are a load of BS. Why can't we all just use our face creams for under our eye? I realize our undereye skin is much thinner, but I sometimes think it is unnecessary to have a face cream and an eye cream... and now they are selling neck creams, too!

I do use eye cream(hypocritical, I know, ha!),  and right now I am loving this one at night and this one in the morning. The nighttime one is super thick and I wake up with truly moisturized eyes. The morning one is a much lighter serum and the applicator is like a metal ball that you can massage your eyes with. It's heavenly.

If you could only recommend one makeup item, what would it be?
Naked Concealer. You can read about it above but it's truly a game changer. 

How long do you wait in between applying serums, sunscreen, primer, SPF, etc.?
Until they are dry... I don't follow any set times! 

Do you use retinol?
I have used Retin-A in the past that has been prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I think it definitely helps with acne. I have some in my drawer right now but just haven't been using it because I hate how flaky it makes my skin and then my makeup doesn't look as good! 

Advice for acne scarring?
You can read above but definitely chemical peels, micro needling and vitamin C serum. This has been my favorite Vitamin C serum for years. 

Do you use a toner, if so, which one?
I use Biologique Recherche and love it so much I wrote an entire blog post about it!

Do you have a daily fragrance?
I think my two all-time favorite fragrances are Carven's L'eau de toilette and Chanel Chance eau fraiche. They are both light and fresh. Ladylike but not heavy or powdery. I don't typically wear perfume every single day...usually when doing something other than day-to-day things (like going to the grocery store). For day-to-day, I love love love this. For fall/winter I love Arquiste for J.Crew No. 31. My bottle is still going strong- I wish they still made this scent. It is cozy and manly.

Do you wear makeup every day?
No! Usually, on the weekdays, I go makeup free. I like to let my skin breath and I am also finally proud of my skin so I don't feel the need to wear makeup daily. I go all out when I take blog photos (sometimes not always) and if I have a fancy date night or fun event. I will wear light makeup when going out for dinner, lunch, getting together with girlfriends, etc. 


Sara said...

Hi Sydney! Quick question about the tinted moisturizer. I always think about making the switch from foundation to a tinted moisturizer. My only hesitation is, I have no idea how to apply it! How do you do it? Just with your fingers, or a brush? Please share!

Sara said...

Hi Sydney! I've been considering making the switch from foundation to tinted moisturizer. My only hesitation is, I just don't know how to apply it? Does it go on like a lotion with your fingers, or a foundation with a brush? Please share! Thanks!

Annie said...

Another adult acne tip...try cutting out dairy! I wouldn't say it's a cure-all for everyone, but I noticed a huge change in my skin when I cut back on it.

Summer Wind said...

Hi Sara!

I actually apply both my foundation and my tinted moisturizer with my hands! And yes, I apply the tinted moisturizer exactly like you would a moisturizer, you just have to make sure you blend well!

Danielle Bass said...

I use the Chanel Les Beiges tinted moisturizer (which I love...beautiful dewy, summertime look with SPF 30) and apply it with my hands for a more natural look. If you want more coverage you can use a BeautyBlender or a foundation brush.
Also- I just tried the Biossance line of Squalane Phyto Retinol serum and their Squalane Vitamin C and Rose Oil facial oil and love both. The plant based retinol isn’t as potent as regular retinol but good for my sensitive skin and the facial oil gives the perfect amount of slip to the skin when I do my daily facial gua sha. Highly recommend.
Danielle— danimarie02


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