Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bedroom Inspiration

Bedding (in blue percale)// Headboard// Bench (fabric is Allie Sky)
Nightstands (antique)// Convex Mirror

Today I thought it would be fun to chat about the inspiration for the master bedroom! I already own or have ordered everything in the collage above! I've just been waiting so patiently for things to arrive.  

I've mentioned this before in decor posts, but the home I bought was just built and everything is brand new. This is typically not my style. I grew up in a very old home and really appreciate the quirks and high-quality design details in older homes. To make my home feel cozier and homier, I have been searching high and low for pieces that are antique and have an older vibe.

I had one night stand that I had used in my apartment and it is one of my favorite pieces. It's an antique and I had been looking everywhere for something similar. I knew I was never going to find an exact match, and that was OK. I prefer a collected look, anyway. But, because I still wanted a somewhat cohesive look, I still needed to find a nightstand with almost exact dimensions as well as a similar style. I lucked out and just recently found one so things are starting to come together. 

I was going to go with an entirely neutral/white bed like I had in my apartment. I love the simple and serene look that you see in a lot of higher end hotels. However, the traditionalist in me loves a good print. So, I decided to go with an upholstered printed headboard and matching bench.

Unfortunately, these two pieces have been very delayed...Ballard Designs has delayed the ship date 4 times now. I ordered them back in late March and they are now not slated until early August. To say I am frustrated is an understatement, but honestly, what a first world problem, right?

Hence, why I'm not sharing these spaces here on Summer Wind/social media just yet, because a lot of pieces I have ordered have yet to arrive! I am also in the process of having window treatments installed throughout the house. 

I will say, even though I am disappointed in Ballard Designs with the shipping delays, the pieces I have already received from my orders (like these barstools) have been of the highest quality. I honestly find most furniture from big box furniture companies to be of poor design/quality (like this coffee table that I have and have always felt like I was jipped because of the horrible quality) so I try and stay away from these companies, but everything I have ordered from BD (so far) has far and away exceeded my expectations. On top of being impressed with the quality, I also personally think that they offer the prettiest and most charming designs (especially if you like more traditional decor) in comparison to other online furniture companies. 

I would say a few words that describe my personal interior design preference are traditional, casual elegance, and collected. I like a touch of Midcentury Modern, British Colonial, a more understated Louis XVI and Hollywood Regency. But, I think that is what is fun about decorating! As much as I love looking at a room totally done in Midcentury Modern, I think you can easily mix pieces for a more collected look. 

I am excited about these curtains- they are so simple but the vertical stripe makes them a little more casual and pulls in the blue from the bedding and the headboard/bench.

I saw a brass/gold simple curtain rod on Pottery Barn's site but it was pricey, so I found this one from Target for a fraction of the cost. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. I'll be more likely to splurge on rods downstairs where more time will be spent! 

I still need a dresser for the bedroom! I have been looking high and low but haven't found the *right* one just yet. here are three that I like! I actually have the dresser at the bottom. I wouldn't recommend it, though. It's pretty but just not the best quality!

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Unknown said...

Your style is so similar to mine! Too bad you felt you were gypped. It happens. You must have bought it over the internet. I only buy things I can see in person for that very reason. Do you have Baker furniture or Ethan Allen nearby? You would like their case goods.


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