Thursday, May 9, 2019


It's almost Friday! I am back with the weekly Lately post. I skipped last week to share my Sephora sale favorites so hopefully, some of you took advantage of that great sale!

This past weekend, I had my girlfriends over on Friday night, Saturday we went to TopGolf and then celebrated the Derby and my cousin's 21st birthday (the one that takes my photos!). Then on Sunday, I went to a baby shower for one of my girlfriends from high school and we finally got the leather couch that I originally had in my apartment put in our main living area! Needless to say, it was a very packed weekend!

This week was busy, but with a lot of behind-the-scenes computer work/admin stuff. Pretty uneventful. This weekend, we don't have anything set in stone and I am SO excited to have our first weekend at home where we can just enjoy the new house and our neighborhood. We have been loving this new suburb life SO much and it's been fun getting to be able to finally live together! I'm hoping for some nice weather because we just got some patio furniture and I am so excited to enjoy coffee outside!

Wearing: Like I've mentioned before, I'm been shopping less for clothes/shoes/bags... and I miss it because I honestly enjoy fashion more than interiors. BUT, I have a house I need to fill, so my shopping has been slowed. I just couldn't resist this blue and white midi dress, though. I'm all for pieces that are cute but make for easy outfits and this dress is just that! So comfortable. It runs true to size. You could definitely size down, though, because it runs roomy and flowy!

Eating: One thing that I still haven't gotten used to about living together with my fiancĂ© is that it's still weird to me to see food in the pantry/refrigerator that I would not have bought. He recently bought Simply Cheetos puffs. Again, never something I would have brought home and oh my goodness they are SO GOOD. I told him we couldn't have them in the house anymore because they're that good... it took everything in me not to finish the entire bag, ha! So light and cheesy and they just melt in your mouth. If you are looking for a treat, these are it! 

Drinking: I've long been a gin drinker- that's my liquor of choice when it comes to cocktails. Oh how I love a good dirty martini with Hendrick's gin!! However, gin is supposedly really bad for you, so I've been choosing tequila much more often and I've really been into the Paloma which is basically a grapefruit margarita. I do mine without sugar and if I'm out I ask for no sugar to make it 'healthier'. 

Sale-ing: Club Monaco has lots on sale right now- it's typically when I shop there because the prices can really get up there. They carry so many high-quality chic closet staples and I can never resist! I've been keeping an eye on this coat- it is even more gorgeous in person. I have this navy and white cashmere sweater that is such high quality, and I'm so bummed I did not snag this sweater when they had my size in stock. Someone else snag it because it's dreamy. 

 The trailer is out for the latest season of Handmaid's Tale and I cannot wait!! It looks like they will be releasing 2 episodes on June 5th, and then we have to wait for weekly episodes after that!

Watching II: I watched the Ted Bundy movie on Netflix that stars Zac Efron and I was unimpressed. It held my attention but it just wasn't anything great.

Listening: May's playlist is really good. Lots of upbeat fun songs to take us into summer. Most recently obsessed with James Bay's cover of Simply The Best! It is SO good and so fun. Doesn't his voice sound a little like Hanson when he sings the chorus?! 

Loving: this ad from Nest- so heartwarming and real.

Wanting: This lobster tote... SO cute. I love my Gucci mules and these might be the best yet. Also eyeing this lamp , these pink bathroom accessories, and this adorable pet bed for the house. 

Pittsburgh-ing: Simplicity Juices are coming to Giant Eagle Market District! They are cold pressed juices that come in a ton of combinations. They sent me a few to try and I really love the Cayenne lemon kicker- so fresh and light with a definite kick! 

Traveling: Next up is Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my sister! She and her boyfriend just bought a house (!!!!) and my parents, grammie, and I are going to see it and hang out with them for the weekend. I'm so excited!

Quoting: 'Don't adapt the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room.' // See more of my favorites, here. 


TLA said...

Gin being 'bad' for you is total propaganda spread by the vodka industry! Obviously, any alcohol should be consumed in moderation, but gin is actually a better's full of antioxidants and flavonoids that have benefits for joints and skin. I don't want to clog your comments with a bunch of links, but google "is gin healthy" to get a bunch of articles to read. I mean, I'm totally with you on the tequila, too! Super simple margarita recipe = silver/blanco tequila + Simply Limeade + half a navel orange, squeezed + shake and pour over ice + garnish with lime wedge and orange wedge.

And just to give gin some love, a delicious gin cocktail for summer = muddle 5 blackberries, a fresh basil leaf, and 3 slices of cucumber + ice + Hendrick's gin + half a lime, squeezed + half a can of Cucumber/Blackberry LaCroix Curate + stir + garnish with a blackberry/basil leaf/cucumber wheel on a pick.

Adrianna Cacciato said...

Those Simply Cheeto Puffs are dangerous! I can easily eat an entire bag in one sitting!


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