Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bathing Suits I'm Loving

Let's chat bathing suits...'tis the season, right?! What sparked this post is that upon moving, I went through all of my swimsuits. Years worth, and decided what fit well, what I truly loved and what had seen better days.

I realized that a lot of the suits I had were no longer my taste or 'in' and a lot of them had seen better days! So, I got rid of around 15 bathing suits. 

I was then left with very few to choose from so I started shopping for some new ones. When did swimsuits get SO expensive? I am of the belief that you should always choose fewer high-quality pieces (which often comes with a higher initial price tag), but when it comes to bathing suits, they really only last a few years so there is no point in spending a ton. 

I have purchased a few pricey suits from brands like Marysia and Solid and Stripe, and while I really do love them, they aren't really THAT much nicer than my $30 Target swimsuits. 

So, here we are, I have rounded up some of my favorite swimsuits. Some are still pricey, but I am sharing a lot of affordable swimsuits, too. I personally prefer a full-coverage/more modest swimsuit... I think there is a time and place for a sexy, fun swimsuit but for me, those times are few and far between.

So I am all about finding one that is cute, full coverage, quality, not too pricey, and not matronly looking...finding all of these qualities in one suit is tough.

More Swimsuits I Love:


simply styling said...

I need a new bathing suit bad however I'm still trying to lose a few pounds !! It's tough trying suits on only to look in the mirror and be incredibly embarrassed.

Kelly said...

Right?!!? I've never splurged on any super pricey swimwear (ok, granted I did get my daughters two Lilly suits that were like $78 and died a little inside but I had a gift card and they were swim DRESSES so they wear them more places than just the pool...), but I do rotate through a decent amount of swimsuits through the years. I have a small pile I need to discard now. I've been holding onto a triangle top string bikini from when I was 17 (lol) that doesn't serve me at all these days and a boy short pair from 2003. Goodness!!!


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