Monday, June 10, 2019

Home Update

I don't know if this interests any of you or not, but today I'm doing something new and sharing a little home update with you all! This house has really taken over my life for the past few months as I have settled in and taken inventory of what needs to be done.

I am one of those people who wants everything in place and perfect immediately. I know that decorating a home takes time so I have really tried my best to be patient. The progress that has been made has been really great. It's a lot of work trying to find the perfect pieces and the cost is no joke either! 

Truth be told, I thought I would have had the house pristine and *finished* by now, but I am just nowhere near being done.

I'm currently trying to decide on wallpaper for the powder room that is off of the kitchen! You can see the inspiration that I created above for it! It's tiny and to the side of the kitchen. The powder room is going to be a project- and by a project I mean, I need to hire people because we can't do it ourselves... I mean we probably could, but we aren't even going to attempt it. I'm not someone that enjoys doing any kind of work like that- the painting of the garage (see below) was the last 'home project' I plan to ever attempt myself, ha! I want beadboard/wainscoting installed, chair rail, crown molding, and then wallpaper the rest of the way up the wall! I also will need a rug, art, mirror, and a new light fixture for this space. Next step is hiring the right people to move this project forward. The goal is to have this done before our wedding. 

The garage is pretty much done. We painted the weekend before anything was moved in. That was my first time painting anything and I will never paint again, haha! The garage came 'unfinished' which means bare drywall. It was, in my opinion, unattractive, so I made the executive decision to paint it without realizing how much work that actually entailed. I was planning on just having my fiancĂ© do it himself, and as he started, we realized that it was a 2-person job or we wouldn't be able to finish in 48 hours. I've noticed that none of my neighbors have their garages painted but now that I see mine painted, every time I park the car, I am so glad we did it! We also built shelving for storage. Now, I just need to purchase some hanging shelves for more storage! 

I've tackled the basement for the most part- which is really great! We just have to hang a few more pieces on the walls, hang the TV and get a media console of some sort. Every piece in the basement is 'new' (aka not an antique) so I am looking for an antique piece for under the TV to give the room some character. This is low on the totem pole, though, because we never go down into the basement.

For the entryway, I need a mirror. Otherwise, this is pretty much done. I am considering wallpapering this small area- I can't decide, though, so I have held off on hanging anything in case I do end up wanting to wallpaper the space. 

I also have to tackle the dining area. I have absolutely no furniture for this area so it's a blank space. We currently eat at the kitchen island which suits us just fine for now. Eventually, I will need a dining table, chairs, rug, and some sort of sideboard/china cabinet. I'll also need curtains that will most likely match the living room area. I have been looking high and low for a beautiful dining table and have only found one insanely gorgeous antique that I loved (it was inlaid wood and had brass feet... incredible) but unfortunately, it was way out of my price range. 

We have our outdoor furniture and umbrella and it looks great! The back outdoor area is very small, so we were limited in what we could do with it, but I'm pleased. We still need a grill and a storage chest for the cushions. We put it off for a little because the landscapers just came and put in the grass and planted the plants! 

The living room is pretty much done furniture-wise. We can't find one of the feet for the leather couch which has been an issue. So we have to get all new feet for it. We have to hang the Samsung Frame TV. We also need curtains and to decide what will go on the walls... I have a few pieces that need to go to the framers but I can't decide what will look right until we get the blinds installed and the curtains up which should be happening any day now- just waiting on the call from the blind company! 

The guest bedroom is totally done and furnished. Everything that was in my apartment bedroom is now in the guest bedroom! It's small but perfect for hosting guests! 

My office is sooooo plain right now. Right now it's just a large floor mirror and my desk. We need to hang the art and I need a piece of furniture for storage. 

The guest bathroom which is in between my office and the guest bedroom is almost finished. I just need a mirror for over the vanity. 

The outside entryway is actually on the side of the house. It's a cute but small little area. I got a welcome mat and a cute little boxwood wreath. However, I plan on doing some large planters... I haven't found any that I love, and I also have no idea what to plant in them when I do find pretty planters. If any of you have ideas, let me know- something easy that will be in the shade. 

The kitchen is totally done- I just need to find artwork for one bare wall and hang blue and white plates above one of the windows!

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Rachel said...

I cannot wait to see photos of everything finished! I love these posts!


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