Thursday, June 6, 2019


Can you believe it is JUNE! I swear I say this every month, but time flies! I had a great time in Annapolis/Alexandria this past weekend catching up with college/sorority sisters!

Monday was spent behind the computer all day playing catch up. I cleared my calendars of calls and meetings and just buckled down to crank out a lot of work. I actually was really pleased to do this after how busy I have been... which... it is only about to get busier!

We are headed to Nantucket today to celebrate my fiancé's 30th birthday. You can read a little more about our trip below under "traveling".

His actual birthday was Tuesday and we had a low-key celebration at Federal Galley which is one of his favorite spots! They have such a fun atmosphere and the most delicious foods!

I often get asked who watches Henry when I am out of town, and the answer is my wonderful parents! We are always so sad to drop him off and be away from him but he is seriously in heaven at my parent's house! They treat him like a prince and he is seriously obsessed with them- he goes nuts every time he hears my mom's name, hahah!

Wearing: I loved this cute little drawstring skirt that the DJ team styled me in for our shoot in Jamaica! The new arrivals are out and it's so much fun to see these images!

Eating: This recipe that includes smoked salmon sounds absolutely wonderful! Filing it away!! 

Drinking: I might be late to the game on this one, but did you know that you can get cold foam at Starbucks? I rarely drink iced coffee- I just prefer to drink black hot coffee, but every once in a while, I get a triple skim dry iced cappuccino and the addition of cold foam makes it delicious!

Sale-ing: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates were announced last week so I threw up a quick blog post with all of the info for those of you who are interested. I was left unimpressed with the sale last year so here's to hoping there are lots of goodies in store for this year!

Sale-ing II: Bloomingdale's is having their Friends and Family sale right now! 25% off select items through June 9th! I had never really been a big Bloomingdale's shopper before this past fall. I have been finding so many gems on their site and the prices are always so good. I might be their biggest fan now! 

 Two season premieres happened this week: Big Little Lies and Handmaid's Tale... do you watch these? I LOVE them and am so excited that they are back! 

Listening: In the past, I have usually created monthly playlists on Spotify. But, I decided to switch to doing a new playlist each season... so 4 in total for the year! That way there is lots to listen to and it will be easier for all of you to follow one playlist instead of having to follow a new one each month! Here is summer's playlist! 

Wanting: Have any of you tried Amazon's skincare line, Belei? I feel like there was a lot of hype surrounding the launch of it, but then after it launched, I haven't really seen reviews or anyone singing its praises! I am intrigued, though, because the price point is great.

Wanting II: Have you guys seent hat Abercrombie released a 'fall preview'? I haven't been super into a ton that they have released for spring/summer so far... Usually, I love everything. But their fall preview looks so promising. I am in love with this sherpa pullover and this puffer!

Loving: OMG THIS LILLY DRESS. This is one of the prettiest Lilly dresses I have seen in a while! I love the colors, pattern, and shape. Perfection.

Pittsburgh-ing: This is really exciting- I partnered with Citizen's Bank to write an article for their website! I wrote about Pittsburgh Date Ideas and you can read it, here. This was a really fun project for me because I am a born and raised Pittsburgher and my fiancé and I love to explore the city and do fun things! I am biased, but these are all really thought out and well-planned ideas that are far more than just dinner. I also included a lot of different price ranges so there is something that works for every couple! Again, I am biased but Pittsburgh is a really amazing city with so much to offer and I am so passionate about showing it off so this was such an exciting article for me to write! 

Smelling: I just recently tried out Replica's Beach Walk perfume and love it. It quite literally smells like a beach- so pleasant and light. A great scent for the summer months if you are looking to try something new! 

Traveling: I'm off to Nantucket today! We are headed there to celebrate my fiancé's 30th birthday! We are going with his best friend from high school/college and his fiancé, too! I am so looking forward to it as it is one of my favorite places and it is my fiancé's favorite because he used to work there in the summers during college (at the Juice Bar!!). 

Quoting: 'Don't forget about the grief in transitions. Even when those transitions are objectively good, we're always leaving something behind. Be careful that you don't confuse your grief as an indicator that the transition is wrong.'-  Vienna Pharaon// See more of my favorites, here. 

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Laura Baker said...

I looove that Lilly dress! Have you seen the "fishy eyelet" material they're using for some of their pieces this season? I died of cuteness. Also I need to try that Replica perfume! I also highly recommend "Endless Summer" from Philosophy you've never tried it. It's light and so fresh, I can't describe the scent! It's perfectly summery without having any sort of coconut scent, which is what a lot of summer scents usually rely on.


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