Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Mood Board

Wedding Wednesday: Mood Board
Our wedding is spring 2020 and to be quite honest, I never imagined a spring wedding. Even before I met my fiancĂ©, I always pictured myself getting married in December. So, in my mind, I always envisioned black watch tartan, fur wraps, velvet ribbon, etc. 

The mood board you see above is a stark contrast to what I had always been envisioning. I had to really get used to the idea of a spring wedding. I was totally against a summer wedding and I didn't want us to have a 2-year engagement, so spring it is!

I had to convince myself that I would love spring and now that we've made so many plans, things are starting to come together and the idea of a spring wedding is much more appealing to me. It took me a little while, though! 

I think it's one thing to find images of weddings you see on Pinterest and save those to share with your vendors. It's a great first step! But, I think you can go one step further and create a mood board like you see above. Not necessarily with wedding things- you'll see in my mood board there are pajamas, jewelry, china, etc.but things that you find beautiful and inspiring and things that all flow together. 

Typically, the vendors you are working with like a florist or event designer are very creative- so producing this kind of visual can be very helpful to communicate your vision. 

It can also be helpful for you, too, because if you are picking something out, you can always refer to your mood board and if it doesn't 'fit in', then you probably shouldn't choose it! It's a reminder to stay within the aesthetic you want to create. 

So here is my mood board. I plan on most everything being white and then this mood board represents the tiny touches of color that might be incorporated... I love the idea of pale blues and pinks, so pale that they almost skew white/cream in a different light... all very different than my original Blackwatch tartan, velvet, etc., haha!

Mood boards like this are not only easy to create but can be created for a multitude of events, like for parties at home! When I was redesigning my website, I created a mood board just like this to get the ball rolling. 

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Anonymous said...

Will you share how big your ring is?

Kelly said...

How beautiful!!! I love this AND the December wedding mood boards. Even though they contrast, I still definitely see some parallels. Your wedding pro background is showing!!! *heart eyes*


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