Thursday, August 8, 2019


This has been a fun week and I can't believe we are already to Thursday. Time really does fly by when you are enjoying yourself. I have been totally relaxed enjoying coffee with a lake view every morning, hanging out with family and friends, going on boat rides, soaking up the sun, reading, enjoying cocktails, eating delicious meals, playing endless rounds of scattegories and so much more! I am so not ready to go back on Sunday!

Wearing: I've been in swimsuits and coverups all week and this is one of my all-time favorite coverups! It's so effortless and pairs with pretty much everything.

Eating: My sister is recommending Trader Joe's Chile Onion Crunch which comes in a jar of oil, red pepper flakes, and onion and she says it is incredible! It's on my to-buy list. She says she uses it as a garlic/spicy seasoning. 

Drinking: We have been eating and drinking up a storm here in Georgia. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year for food and drink. Needless to say, I need to get back on a regimen when I get back, ha! One of the drinks I did not like and don't recommend is Agua Fuerte. It's like a White Claw 

Reading: I'm currently reading The Nightingale (WWII based) and I am loving it so far. The storyline is so rich and descriptive but it's also easy to read and keeps me wanting more! 

Sale-ing: My favorite cashmere cable sweaters are currently on sale in a bunch of colors. Some of the colors are down to $107 with code STYLE. That's an incredible deal! I have and love this cashmere shawl- it was so pricey and now it's down to $257!

Watching: We watch a lot of movies while here at the lake and we watched Us and some of us liked it but I thought it was horrible!! Not worth the time but it did keep me somewhat entertained throughout and was suspenseful! 

Listening: I can't get enough of Heaven by Avicii/Chris Martin. It's one of those songs that really gives me energy!

Wanting: It's taking everything in me to not order a ton of fall clothes just yet. There are so many great things coming out already and I am just SO excited for sweaters and jeans and all things fall! 

Smelling: I have shared this scent before but I wanted to share it again because it is timely! With summer weather fully around through at least September for most people, it's tough to get fully into fall and start burning pumpkin candles. BUT, this Moso Bamboo candle has a cozy feeling without being so seasonal!

Pittsburgh-ing: Did you see that Pittsburgh is getting one of the largest Christmas Festivals ever?! Consider me MAJORLY excited!  

Traveling: Next up, I'm headed to Nashville for one of my sorority sister's weddings!

Quoting: 'You have exactly enough energy for just one day at a time, remember that.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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