Tuesday, January 14, 2020

10 Recipes I Want To Try This Winter

10 Recipes I Want To Try This Winter

I don't enjoy cooking (and I'm not that good at it, either) so luckily, I am marrying someone who loves to cook and who is good at it. However, since being in the house, with more space and more storage (and nicer appliances), I have done a lot more cooking and experimenting than ever before. 

I try to cook at home more often than we eat out because it's an easy way to save money but also because it's healthier! Here are 10 recipes I hope to try this winter:

All of these recipes don't take a ton of ingredients and they are all pretty doable (and for me to say doable means they're likely easy for most people, ha!). 

I also just ordered this cookbook (and sent one to my sister, too!). I love love love following Alex on Instagram- I have been following her for years and her recipes are so delicious. You can also head to her website to see a ton of amazing recipes... a lot of them are Whole30 compliant, too. I don't do that diet and still, I make some of these recipes because they are just delicious! 

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