Thursday, February 13, 2020


This week has gone by in the blink of the eye. Basically, I'm a crazy lady from now until the wedding. It's nuts over here. We have some friends and family coming to town next weekend for our shower which I am so excited about. We have our cleaning person coming tomorrow which I'm also thrilled about! Tomorrow night we are celebrating Valentine's Day by ordering in (our favorite sushi from Little Tokyo). You can read what happened to us last year, here, ha!!!

Saturday morning I have a baby shower to attend, then we head to a birthday party, and then dinner at my parents to celebrate Valentine's all together with my grammie!

I have a hair appointment tomorrow which will take up a large chunk of my day which is annoying but I also love my stylist and I just have a TON of hair so I have to deal with it. I scheduled so many appointments for next week I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed, to be honest, but they need to be done. Basically, this paragraph is just word vomit so that tells you something about the craziness happening, hah!

Wearing: I randomly bought this coat this week after seeing it in the store (it was on major sale). The photo on the website would not have enticed me enough to buy but in person, this coat is so beautiful. It's a dark navy blue tweed with metallic thread but it's actually a puffer coat. I shared this on my instastories the other day and I showed the adorable nipped waist in the back making it flattering and dressier than your average puffer. So excited about this one. I am wearing a size small and I would say it runs true to size. This striped tee is also a newer favorite. It's only $16 and is just so flattering and comfortable. It runs true to size, I'm wearing a size small and has a beautiful boatneck.

Sale-ing: Orvis is having such a great sale on lots of fall/winter items including Barbour! This is a great retailer for men's clothing. They usually have classic styles that are high quality.

Sale-ing II: If you are a Rao's pasta sauce lover like me, then you'll want to know that it is currently on sale at Whole Foods through 2/25. I'm stocking up- it's the only jarred sauce I use. 

 The shirley temple king is on Ellen and is the CUTEST thing ever. You can't not smile when watching this. 

Listening: This is a reminder of where I share my favorite playlists as I have gotten an increase of questions about it lately! 

Loving: I recently picked up this highlighter and it is already my favorite highlighter EVER. I got it in the color opal and it's basically the color of my skin and the powder is so fine that it just blends right in and doesn't look like makeup. The shimmer is natural and just so beautiful. I got the mini size because I don't use much highlighter and this was a cheaper price than the bigger one! 

Wanting: Not too much this week! I'm headed out of town next month so I've been looking for some pieces to bring along with me. 

Smelling: One of my very favorite candles is currently on sale for $23!!

Quoting: 'Admire someone's beauty without questioning your own.'  // See more of my favorites, here. 

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