Monday, February 3, 2020

My Favorite Spotify Playlists

My Favorite Spotify Playlists

I love music and that is certainly no secret. I would say my taste is wide and varied. I like everything from Eric Clapton to Kid Cudi, Beethoven to Leon Bridges. However, there are definitely certain songs, genres, and artists that I favor more than others. I share a lot of my Spotify playlists in my weekly 'Lately' posts so today I'm going to condense them into one blog post where I only highlight my very favorite ones. They're often the playlists that are playing when I am on Instastories and get a lot of DM's asking what am I listening to! 

Other than the playlists below, I often listen to different 'radio stations' on both Spotify or Pandora or different playlists made by others. I'll do a post in the coming weeks with those, too, which are great if you work best with quiet music playing in the background.

Dinner Party Playlist
This is the playlist I have going most often. It's very easy to listen to. It's calm, there is no profanity, and it's great for any age. These are all of the classics you might hear at a nice dinner party. 

This is likely my second most played playlist. It has old school songs that our parents listened to and in turn, got us into them. A lot of classic rock, Paul Simon, Queen, Allman Brothers, etc. I love listening to this while on long drives. This is also great for when your hosting friends and family over for a casual gathering on a Friday or Saturday night- it's fun and upbeat and everyone knows these songs. 

Sunday Morning
This is exactly as the name suggests- a chill playlist for weekend mornings sipping coffee and lazing around. We play this a lot when we are cooking dinner in the evenings, too. 

Getting Ready
This is a fun playlist with lots of current, upbeat songs that are fun to listening to while getting ready for a night out. It's a hodgepodge of all sorts of genres and artists. 

Big Chill
This is a huge playlist with over 150 songs. It's meant to be thrown on and forgotten about and is a little less mainstream in terms of artists. Just like its name, it's very chill and has laidback songs you might listen to while having a casual get together with friends or even by yourself washing dishes or doing some work on your computer. 

These are the songs that pump. me. up. A lot of rap on here so beware of explicit lyrics. This is great if you are looking for a workout soundtrack.

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