Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday Shopping

I hope you are all having a great weekend! We woke up to snow yesterday morning which was fun and cozy! We were going to go out last night but ultimately decided to have a cozy night in with Thai takeout and wine! We have a slow weekend planned with errands, organization, and more, but after this weekend, life is going to get BUSY. 

I actually found quite a bit from this week. I've mentioned this before but I'm shopping a lot lately in preparation for our honeymoon... it's 6 weeks after our wedding, but it's kind of an 'odd' packing list so I'm getting a head start! 

I'm really curious about these running shoes. I have been wanting to snag a new pair for Orange Theory. I have seen a lot of people wearing them! I think they're interesting looking and I'm wondering if they are worth the hype. I actually just got these and I am OBSESSED. They were a half size too small so I'm in the process of returning and getting a bigger size, so I haven't given them a proper test run, but the support in them is unlike anything I've ever felt in a sneaker. I am really anxious to see how they perform when I get the right size. 

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Elisa said...

Funny you mentioned those gym shoes because I just ordered a pair of the ON Onswift from Nordstrom. I had never heard of the brand before I tried them on on a whim when I was shopping! But, the Nordstrom I was at didn't have the color I wanted so I opted to order. I specifically want them for the miles and miles of walking I'll be doing with my family in Disneyworld in a few weeks, and then will use them for running and working out. They are pricey but after trying them on I can see why. Give them a try!!


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