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Wedding Q+A

I've only ever done one wedding Q+A before and the last one was six months ago. It's about time I do another. It's hard to do a Q+A on this topic because I feel that I have pretty much shared as much as I possibly can without giving too much away. There were a few questions that I can answer now!

What jewelry are you wearing?
I'm wearing a mix of my own and my grammie's. I'm pretty lucky in that I have quite the selection to choose from. My grandfather worked in the jewelry industry and my grammie has the most incredible jewelry. She is so generous and allowing me to borrow things! One piece of hers that I am for sure wearing is something I will do an entire blog post about because it's so special. I won't be wearing any newly purchased costume jewelry... it is important to me that every single piece of jewelry that I wear will have a meaning and a history. I personally think less is more when it comes to this. I'll decide on exactly what I'll be wearing at my final fitting which isn't for a while still. 

If you don't have a grandmother with an extensive jewelry collection (believe me, I am fully aware of how lucky I am) some costume jewelry brands that I love are Kenneth Jay Lane (love these earrings) and Nordstrom brand offers so many great pieces and most are under $100. I have real diamond studs and actually prefer wearing these that I got in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I'm always afraid of losing my real ones. My fiancĂ© got me a beautiful diamond bracelet for Christmas and this one looks so much like mine and it is under $100! 

If you're looking for fine jewelry that's well-priced, check out Bloomingdale's. They have an extensive fine jewelry selection and there are SO many beautiful pieces. They have a necklace that looks so similar to mine and it's currently on sale for $450! 

Have you gotten Botox?
Nope! I just did a post on skincare/wellness leading up to our wedding. I am not at all opposed to it, but I am just SO scared of needles. If I was not scared, I would have gotten it a long time ago, but the fear is very real. 

Are you having your hair and makeup done?
Yes! I have my trials coming up soon which I am excited about. I shared my makeup inspiration, here. I truly was set on doing both my own hair and makeup as I am INSANELY picky. I just like what I do myself and don't like giving up control. However, I hired two professionals who have already done my hair and makeup for a friend's wedding so I know that I love them and I am giving them my full trust. I am having my hair done for my rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and then switched up for the actual reception. I am having my makeup done for the wedding. Plus, my mom made a good point, in hiring people to do our hair and makeup it will feel like a luxury and separate it from any other morning getting ready and I think that's a good point!

Have you sent out your invitations yet?
No, not yet! But we have our invitations and they are so beautiful- I can't wait until after the wedding when I can share! Our envelopes are currently with the calligrapher and once they are done, we will be sending them out! 

Do you have a theme?
No theme, per se, but our wedding will have a clear vibe/look. 

Are you wearing white for your rehearsal dinner?
Yes! It's really more of a cream, but yes, the look is very bridal. I have had this dress since May and I love it almost as much as my wedding gown!

Did you always have a clear vision for your wedding?
Yes and no. I always knew I wanted a Pittsburgh church wedding and then likely a club reception of some sort with a live band. I always knew I wanted black tie and a smaller invitation list. However, since I was in the wedding industry, in terms of rentals and linens and all of that, it has changed a million times over. There is just so much to choose from, it's crazy! Plus, I have mentioned this before but I did always picture a December wedding so I definitely had to tweak my vision since we are doing spring! You can see my mood board for our wedding, here. 

Are you using Pinterest?
Yes! I am not sure how anyone planned a wedding without it, haha!! But seriously, Pinterest is such a great inspiration board. My wedding board is private but I've been pinning wedding stuff since I was 22 (since I worked for an event planner)! 

What are you most nervous about?
All eyes being on me. You'd think I wouldn't be concerned about this at all as I was a dancer and cheerleader all of my life and now, I literally share my life on the internet with thousands, but there's just something nerve-wracking to me when I think about everyone paying so much attention to me! I feel like there's that feeling of not knowing how to act around a bride on her wedding day, and it makes me nervous that people might treat me differently than usual just because I am the 'bride'. I just want to be regular Sydney to everyone, always! 

What are you most excited about?
Number one, being married. Number two, the fact that all of our closest friends and family will be in one room together. If I had to say a specific moment, it would be walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing my fiancĂ© down the aisle for the first time that day. 

What was one element you were willing to splurge on?
A really good, non-cheesy wedding band. I have always been a band girl so that was my #1 priority. 

Are you doing a buffet?
No. It will be a seated 4-course dinner. 

Did you have to have a hotel block? I'm a Pittsburgh bride and wondering where I should choose. 
Our wedding is being held at a private club in Downtown Pittsburgh. This club also has 'hotel' rooms where you can stay if you are a member/a guest at an event/guest of a member. So we didn't really have to deal with the traditional hotel block which was SO nice and took a big item off of my plate. Actually, a lot of our guests that live in Pittsburgh are also staying at the club which will be such fun! 

Will you take time off from your blog/social media for your wedding?
Yes and no. The beauty of blog/social media is that I am able to be proactive and create and schedule content ahead of time. So it is my hope that there will be absolutely no lapse in blog content or Instagram posts and things will be running as usual. I just plan to work my butt off ahead of time so that I won't have to work much the week leading up to the wedding or a few days after the wedding when we are on our mini-moon. There will be no social media live posting from me on our wedding weekend. I will, of course, share afterward, but that weekend you will see nothing from me on social media! I plan on being 110% fully present. 

Are you doing a honeymoon?
Yes! Our honeymoon is about 6 weeks after our wedding so we are also doing a low-key mini-moon right after! 

White items?I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over and over again... like about my hair or my necklace or how I whiten my teeth, but ever since I got engaged I am flooded with messages every single week about white outfits/bridal accessories, etc. I have done SO many blog posts about this but will continue to share my finds when I have some with all of you as I know this is such a huge interest. As we get into the summer months, I'm sure it will be more interesting for those who are not planning a wedding because white is a great color to rock during the summer months!! 

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