Thursday, March 5, 2020


This week has been great. I got SO much work done which is such a relief. It was a bit dreary but also 'warm' so I'm really not complaining. I am soooo thrilled about Day Light Savings this weekend, is anyone else? To have more light later in the evening fills me with SO much joy!!!

I'm prepping to go on a trip next week (I'll have more on that next week) and looking forward to enjoying a weekend with minimal plans!

Next week before I leave on my trip, we have lots of wedding things going on. We meet with the church, I have my makeup trial, and my second wedding dress fitting. I can't wait!!!

Wearing: I love this classic striped top. It's super inexpensive and great quality for the price. It's in the classic heavier weight cotton like a traditional Breton striped top. Size WAY down because it runs huge. I got an XXS and I normally wear a small. The XXS is even still very roomy.

Eating: We tried the traditional meatloaf from the refrigerated section of Trader Joe's and it is SO good. I have been trying to eat less 'pre-prepared' items in an effort to eat more whole foods and this does not fall into that category, ha! This is certainly not good for you at all, but so worth it. It was delicious!!! It makes me want to try and make my own 'cleaner' version of meatloaf.

Drinking: We got these beautiful monogrammed mugs from my fiancé's aunt and uncle and I love them! 

Reading: I'm truly laughing aloud from this article, but Penn State students, I really feel for you, ha!!! They had a tongue-in-cheek vigil for the closing Taco Bell. When I moved into my house last year, I was SO excited because there was a Taco Bell not even 10 minutes from my house. Well, it CLOSED like a month after I moved in and was so incredibly sad! I love Taco Bell so much. People often ask me what a dream partnership would be for me and I always include Taco Bell in my list, ha!! 

Sale-ing: These gingham sandals are so cute and on sale! 

 Oh my goodness the SNL parody of Love Is Blind has me cracking up. Have you watched Love Is Blind? It is one of the craziest shows I have ever seen. For the first episode, I kept thinking 'what is this garbage I am watching?!' Here I am 10 episodes later. On the one hand, it was so low-budget and poorly executed, but on the other hand, it was SO fascinating to watch. I can't wait to see the reunion that comes out today! 

Listening: I've been very into 'Nancy Meyer's Kitchen' playlist on Spotify. It really is the perfect 'cooking dinner' playlist! My fiancé and I love to be in the kitchen together and a good playlist gets us singing and dancing and unwinding!  

Loving: This quick Orange Theory-style workout you can do at home. I'm a big fan of a group setting, but I think this is a nice, quick workout you can do from home in a pinch! 

Wanting: I'm very interested in trying one of clé de peau's latest lip care products. It's a tinted lip balm that is supposed to make your lips look fuller. I have never desired 'fuller' lips, really, but I think a little plumping wouldn't hurt. I wonder if it works?! I also love that Amazon has pages dedicated to colored glassware. I have always loved this ever since I first went to The Greenbrier when I was a freshman in high school! There are so many beautiful options and most of it is very affordable! 

Pittsburgh-ing: I love a good fish fry and here is a list of the good ones in Pittsburgh! We are headed to one this Friday. Are fish fry's a thing in your area? I have grown up going to them! 

Traveling: I'm off to the South next week! Check back on Wednesday to see where I'm headed!

Quoting: 'Don't be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards. '- Ebonee Davis // See more of my favorites, here. 


Krista said...

Love these posts! I am oddly obsessed with meatloaf :) In my opinion - this is one of the best recipes:

Hillary said...

I love that you're a Taco Bell fan; it's my ultimate guilty pleasure food! I know it is not good quality, but I can't help but love it anyway!


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