Friday, March 13, 2020

Serena and Lily Sale

Serena and Lily Sale

serena and lily palisades chair

serena and lily palisades chair

serena and lily palisades chair

Serena and Lily is having their Spring Design Event sale going on now through 3/16! You get 20% off of everything using code FRESHMIX. I am partnering with them to share with you all some of my favorites! 

I just got the Palisades chair which is a beautiful rattan chair that actually folds up! I love this chair because it's great to have on hand when we have people over and need extra seating on our back patio (or even in our living room). I thought the chair was too cute to store away until summer/when needed, so I set it up in my office next to my big mirror and I love the cozy little spot that I have created!! Henry loves it, too, he has actually been hopping up onto the chair and resting there while I work. 

I haven't done a thing to our master bathroom yet. It's kind of been at the bottom of my 'to-do' list because we are really the only ones who see it. I actually use the jack and jill bathroom often for things like hair and makeup because it gets beautiful natural light and has tons of counter space.

However, I am starting to think about decorating our master bath. I really want to wallpaper it but I am wondering how well the paper will hold up as we use this bathroom to shower every day. For those of you who have wallpapered your most-used bathrooms, how has that worked out for you? 

Other than wallpaper, I want to get some art/details hung on the walls to make it feel more homey and cozy. I also really need to hang some sort of shelving above the toilet so we can store extra towels right there so we don't have to go out to the linen closet. 

And lastly, I got 2 cheap mirrors off of Amazon for our master to hang until I found something I love. Normally I wouldn't rush to buy something cheap, but a bathroom mirror is such a necessity that we couldn't really do without it. So I want to get two beautiful mirrors for above each of our sinks. I really like these! I think that will immediately add a lot of character to the small space!

I'll be sharing our powder room with all of the details, soon! We used this wallpaper and I couldn't believe how quickly it completely transformed the space. I was just waiting on a light fixture and I finally got one so now I am just waiting for it to be hung! 


Lizzie said...

The house I grew up in had wallpaper in my bathroom, and it held up great (and for over 15 years). However, the bathroom had an extract fan and the shower area was tiled all the way up to the ceiling (so the wallpaper never actually got wet). You can also find wallpaper that is water resistant--just talk to someone at a showroom/store and they can advise you on what would work well in your specific space.

Maureen said...

I will never wallpaper another master bath again. the constant use and shower steam breaks it down now matter how hard you try to ventilate. I did it once years ago and regretted it immediately. Removing it was a nightmare. Ever since I've depended on solid colors w/ pops of pattern in accessories, fun hand towels etc. A powder room, esp one w/ out a shower, is another story!


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