Monday, March 2, 2020

Skincare + Beauty Products I Want To Try

Skincare + Beauty Products I Want To Try

Goop Glow Illuminating Moisturizer// This is a body moisturizer that is supposed to have light-reflecting particles that smooth and blur your skin for a glowy look. I love the idea of this for the summertime when bare legs are a must!

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder// I have a few setting powders that I rotate through but I'm most intrigued by this one as it is supposed to be a super-fine powder which in turn gives that 'flawless' look.

Tatcha Serum Stick// This seems like a moisturizer in stick form. I think it would be perfect for travel!

Dior Stellar Shine Lipstick// I really want to try this out since I love my Dior Lip Glow balm. This is basically that but you get more color. The color I'm most interested in is Dior Kiss.

Trish McEvoy Dry Sheet Mask// This is supposed to deliver very noticeable results in just a few minutes. It is supposed to plump and tighten and lift. The science behind it makes sense- 'wet' masks are made up of mostly water, but this mask has 93% active ingredients since it is dry! It's $29 so it's not cheap but you are apparently able to use it up to 3 times. The idea of reusing a face mask kind of grosses me out, but I might feel differently after trying it! 

Clé de Peau Lip Glorifier// This seems very similar to my favorite Dior Lip Glow product, however, it is also supposed to give your lips a plumper look!

Ogee Lip Oil// This reminds me a bit of my favorite Olio Osso lip balm. This is a 'lip oil' and is tinted. So I imagine it is quite like a balm. It has tons of positive ratings and I love the look of the color 'petunia'.

Chin Mask// I've been seeing these chin masks floating around all over Instagram. To me, it seems kind of gimmicky, but then I see the before and after photos and I'm sold. I can't wait to try these!

Supergoop Glow Screen// The Tula primer is one of my most favorite products and I have always thought that if it just had SPF it would be the absolute best. This Glow Screen basically seems like the Tula Primer but with sunscreen- so I really think it could possibly be one of the best products. I just ordered it!

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