Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wedding Wednesday: What I'm Packing For My 'Bachelorette'

As you are reading this, I am headed on my 'bachelorette'! I put it in parentheses because it's not a true bachelorette. It's more of a low-key sister trip before the wedding since I'm not having a traditional big bridal party.

I have been to so many big bachelorette parties in the past few years and didn't really feel the need to do anything big and rowdy. I actually wasn't going to do anything at all, but my sister thought it would be fun for us to do a relaxing trip together and I am so excited! 

Callie lives in Charlotte so I am going to see her and stay at her house for a night. We are going to do a workout class, have a good dinner and stuff like that! Then we are road tripping it down to South Carolina to stay at the Montage at Palmetto Bluff for three nights. I have never been but my sister went a few years ago for a week with her fiancĂ©'s family and said it was fabulous. It is exactly the type of place I was looking for: beautiful, (much) warmer than Pittsburgh, and caters to relaxation! 

We plan on sleeping in, riding bikes, possibly taking a workout class, spa treatments, and enjoying good food! I'll share all of the details on Instagram/Instastories and do a recap blog post with you all with the details, but I thought I would share what I'm packing. 

Although the Pittsburgh winter has been incredibly mild, it's still cold, so I am VERY excited to get to wear dresses without tights, and light jackets. Southerners will probably think I'm nuts, but the weather will be in the upper 60s/lower 70s and that is WARM in my book!

I got a bunch of new pieces for the trip as I am just itching to get in some spring clothing so get ready for photo overload in the coming week or two. My sister actually helped to take my blog photos when she lived here a few years ago and she is SO good at it! Scroll through the widget above to see what I am packing!


TLA said...

You will love Palmetto Bluff! My parents lived in Hilton Head for 12 years and we went to many events there. It’s a beautiful place! There’s so much to do, make sure you walk around the village and read all the signage about the history of the land. It’s worth a trip to downtown Bluffton as well—it’s a cute little town with shops and restaurants, incredibly fresh seafood from the Bluffton Oyster Company, and the most beautiful views from Church of the Cross. The Bluffton Farmers Market is open on Thursdays from 12-5, so that would be a perfect time to venture into Bluffton if you’re inclined to visit. Beaufort is another beautiful town about a half hour northeast of Bluffton, and Savannah is only a half hour south, if you are so inclined. I’m sure you probably plan on mostly relaxing with your sister, but the Lowcountry is definitely a beautiful area! I’m kind of sad to have my built in vacation house there gone, but of course I’m so happy my parents have moved back up here close to the city!

Anonymous said...

Palmetto Bluff is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful time!!


Whitney said...

Doubt you will even need a light jacket! Enjoy! Wonderful location, I am looking there for my bachelorette!

Hillary said...

Love this idea! I also had a small bridal party (only my two sisters) and we did a mother daughters weekend with a cooking class. It was the perfect low key weekend that left me feeling relaxed in the middle of crazy wedding planning


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