Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Valentine's Day Inspiration
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Can you believe we are just about a month away from Valentine's Day? I saw this Dress and it immediately got me excited and totally inspired this entire roundup. 

I am sharing some items to get excited about the holiday. We really don't do much to celebrate, in fact, these past two Valentine's Days have been comical, but this year, I'm going to create a beautiful tablescape and we are going to cook a delicious dinner and really make a holiday out of it! It's on a Sunday so we may celebrate on Saturday instead. 

I'm not a huge lover of the color red, but I do love blush pink! I do, however, think some subtle red touches are fun on holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day! 

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Lauren said...

I'm not normally a fan of pink and red, but I love the dress you included in this post!



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