Thursday, January 14, 2021


Sweater (on sale under $100!)
This week went by so incredibly fast and I'm not really even sure why! I can't believe we are already to the weekend. We had a lot of sun this week and it made me SO happy because we were going on weeks without it. I took advantage and went on a lot of long walks with Henry, despite it still being quite cold. 

The only really 'exciting' thing that happened this week was that I went skiing with my parents yesterday at Seven Springs. It's about an hour outside of Pittsburgh so we go quite a bit when there is decent snow. I actually didn't end up skiing at all last winter because we had so much going on in January/February, so I was so excited to get back out on the slopes!

Wearing: Loved getting this sweater in the mail this week. It's so bright and cheery but it's a nice winter weight! 

Eating: Did you catch my post on Monday with some recipes I want to try this winter?! 

Reading: Home trends we are likely to see in 2021. 

Sale: These are some of my very favorite sneakers for working out and this colorway is on sale!

 Did you guys see there is going to be a Sex and the City reboot?!

Listening: I loved Spotify's Christmas cocktail jazz playlist and I just discovered that they have a regular cocktail jazz playlist that is lovely, too! 
Loving: I love beef jerky and sticks and all of that kind of snack food. I have loved Lorissa's beef jerky as you can get a big bag of it at Costco, but I had never seen these beef sticks before. I ordered them on a whim and in true Lorissa's fashion they are SO good. Easily the best beef sticks I have ever eaten. Not that I am on the go much right now, but when I am, I love having a snack like this stowed away in my bag for 'hanger' moments, ha! 
Wanting: I've been craving lots of color. I think it's just the time of year is so dreary that I want everything to be bright and cheery! 

Pittsburgh: Unfortunately, the Steelers lost, but we did get Cucina Bella takeout on Sunday for the game and it is so good. If you all haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Their meatballs are out of this world and I am obsessed with their Noce salad. 

Smelling: Just ordered my go-to year-round candle as it is about $6 off! It smells cozy and slightly manly but also has a hint of freshness to it. 

Quoting: 'Be the type of person that you want to meet.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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