Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Happy and more Happy!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! Well to start off, bRc and I planned to spend the afternoon at his country club. He had just pulled up to my house when my parents pulled up as well. They were coming back from a morning of shopping, and my mom got out of the car with a new Coach purse (very cute too). Well, I personally don't care for coach (sorry to all the Coach lovers out there :), I think there are a lot of better brands out there that I would much rather spend a large amount of money on. But anyways, my mother had just gotten a Coach purse for Christmas, and yes, it was a winter bag seeing that it was a deep brown leather, but still! Anyways, I knew they stopped at Brooks Brothers as well, (they went to a new outlet strip that's about an hour away, I have only been to once) and I was hoping they brought home some wonderful things for me. Sadly, they did not. All they brought me were boxers that had the signature on them so I could make sorority letters out of them (pic to the right). So naturally, it did not put me in the best of mood to head to the pool. But, my mom pulled out this HUGE coach bag right before I was about to get into bRc's car, and handed it to me. I opened it and look what I saw!!! I was so happy! I wasn't expecting to get this coach laptop holder/briefcase/messenger bag at all!!! I was so incredibly surprised! I do dislike Coach but for the longest time now, I have been looking for a high quality bag that will carry my laptop (I currently have a Betsy Johnson case) and a few books or what not in, and also to travel with. This is absolutely perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bag. It has so many pockets, and there is padding for the laptop! I love it! Apparently, the Coach outlets are having a major sale and it was such a deal, that my parents just couldn't pass it up! Well I'm certainly glad they didn't!
Another reason to be so happy today is I am writing this post on my fixed laptop! Yay! No more viruses, and it is fast as can be!
Well, the pool was lovely with bRc; we just soaked up the sun becuase it was finally good weather!
Tonight I went to babysit for a 3rd grader that I have been babysitting here and there. He is a great kid. We went to dinner and then we saw Night at the Museum 2. Great movie!! I reccomend it to everyone, it was hilarious. I think Kamunrah, the villian, sounds exactly like Seth MacFarlane when he does the voice of Stewie in Family Guy, but the actor in the movie is named Hank Azaria. At the end, Life in Technicolor by Coldplay is played so I of course loved it! Also, I think Amy Adams is just so naturally pretty! I also envied the leather coat she wore for the entire movie. If anyone knows who makes it, let me know!
I would also like to share with you a picture of bRc and I from the coldplay concert:I am wearing a grey j-crew sweater tank with embellishment around the chest and a navy sweater from Eddie Bauer around my neck. bRc is wearing a polo tee and his new Izod windbreaker.

Also,my sister cCm just started a blog. Her blog is absolutely adorable, I love her color combinations and everything! So check her out and leave her a comment! I know she will have a great and interesting blog!



Domestic Diva said...

Just joined your blog! I love it. Would love to send you an invite to mine.
Have a fabulous day!
xxxx me

Gwen said...

Love the new bag!!! I've been a Coach lover for a while. Then I decided I didn't want them anymore and now I'm back at it full swing. I actually purchased 3 items on Friday. Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!! XOXO


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