Thursday, January 21, 2010

I absolutely love all kinds of jewelry. Although I do admit most of the time, I stick to the classic pearls and david yurman or monogrammed silver but from time to time I like to try out trendy or different jewelry. When I do look for neat jewelry, I keep in mind the colors in my wardrobe that I wear most. I have many bookmarked jewelry sites and frequent each to see if they have something that will catch my eye (because I do admit I'm a bit picky!). I found this great pair of earrings from charm and chain called "Big Flower Earrings" I think they are so adorable and have neutral colors that will dress up any outfit!
I just love the gold and pearl detail in the middle. Best of all they are handmade!

I also have had my eye on this Charriol Wrap Bangle from Nordstrom. My big sister in my sorority first introduced me to the brand and I think their pieces are gorgeous and unique.The cable design is somewhat reminiscent of Yurman but I actually think i find I like most Charriol pieces more than I like DY pieces. Have you ever heard of this brand?

This weekend I had the pleasure of ordering a Tervis Tumbler. My family has several of these great tumblers at home with mallard ducks on them and seeing that I just broke my favorite mug I saw it fit to get one I knew was great quality. I got the 16 0z. personalized one with a hot pink circle monogram and a pink travel lid to compliment it! I am so excited to get the package in the mail. I also think that it is the PERFECT gift for a college student seeing as it holds all forms of caffeine (hot and cold!) and it is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. With shipping I got the lid and tumbler for $26. I can't wait to take a picture to show you all!
I am also still taking questions for a blog post that is in the works for next week so keep asking away! I am loving all of these creative questions. And for all of my readers that don't have a blog, feel free to e-mail me at I just love hearing from all of you! Have a fabulous day!


mFw said...

I love my monogrammed tervis tumbler. And just to let you know the personalized ones take longer to come in.


Amanda said...

I absolutely love the bangle! I have never heard of that brand. I too, mainly stick to wearing pearls and silver or gold studs although I like looking at all kinds of jewelry.

A Wedding Story said...

These earrings are absolutely gorgeous! Ah, I love them!

Rachel said...

Tervis Tumblers are the BEST! I'd love to get a monogrammed set for our house.

Sherrie said...

I love Tervis Tumblers. We have some golf ones my dh bought and we also have some Christmas/winter ones. Now you are making me want one that is monogrammed. :)

Blackeyed Susan said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! I love Charriol jewelry, I have never seen that bracelet before. I like it better than the DY bracelets because it seems like everyone else has them! Great find!

Sierra said...

I love it - very lovely and simple. Hope you are doing well love!


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