Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lilly+Watches= Love

Well Lilly is coming out with so many exciting things (cough-Le Sportsac-cough), I just can't hold my excitement in much longer! My countdown is set to February when LP come's out with the adorable watch sets!!!! My long time readers, have no probably tired of me going on and on about all of the different watches I love, and now Lilly has one. I say it's a match made in heaven!Now the only real dilemma that has to be which pattern to get! I'm liking the patchtastic, which one do you like?

Another wonderful post holiday sale was found at Gap. Recently I haven't been shopping in Gap because I have noticed their quality and style was not up to the usual standard. bRc and I were running a few errands tonight and popped into Gap, and low and behold, a sale with an extra 40% off! Well of course I couldn't resist to not look around and I found a beauty of a sweater. It's the Navajo cardigan. I absolutely love it!For me, Gap sizes usually run a little larger than the other stores I shop in, so I got a medium and it is plenty big, if not too big. For this little beauty, I only paid $30! I am planning on wearing it with leggings and my new riding boots. I think I'm going to try out the outfit todaybefore heading back to school and trying it. I'll post a picture of my outfit later today. I'm thinking it will be perfect for running back to school errands in this snowy mess that we call Pittsburgh!
Have a fabulous day!!


JMW said...

Love, LOVE the Lilly watches! That may have to be on my birthday wish list this summer.

Kerry said...

Omg, I didn't know Lilly was coming out with watches!! Thanks for letting me know! :) Love the sweater btw!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

It has only been a matter of time, and so glad the time has come for these darling watches!!

Muffy said...

WOW! I hadn't even heard about this! I love the middle one, Desert Tort! FUN!!!!!

Annemarie said...

Those watches and sweater are SO cute! Love! XOXO

Posh Peach said...

I can't wait for the watches! So cute.


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