Monday, March 21, 2011

Hair Care

I think the topic I get questioned about most is definitely  how I style my hair. Friends ask, people ask me on Tumblr and I get daily e-mails asking about my hair. I've tried in the past to explain what I use but I figured I'd do a more extensive post on my hair care and how I style it. First here are some disclaimers:
  • I have really thick hair and when left to air dry, my hair dries straight with some frizz. When I blow dry it, my hair blow dries straight as well and only needs to be touched up with a straightener if I wanted it styled straight.
  • My hair is highlighted and I get highlights every 4-6 weeks (it varies especially while at school) and I think this affects the way my hair holds a curl (I think this actually makes my hair hold a curl better, but this is just a total guess)
  • My hair holds a curl very well (even without hair spray)
I have a lot of personal preferences when it comes to hair care. For instance:
  • I always, always, always, shampoo my hair and then put conditioner in right away when I shower so the conditioner stays in my hair for as long as possible. 
  • I rinse the conditioner out of my hair with cool water because a long time ago I read in a magazine that rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of your shower will help your hair to appear shinier. 
  • I let my hair air dry whenever possible (which has become a rarity now) because it is less damaging to hair. However, if I want my hair to look its' best, I most definitely will blow dry it because then it has maximum volume. 
  • I take a multi-vitamin daily (which every woman should) because I think it helps hair healthiness along with a lot of other benefits. 
  • I hate putting any kind of product in my hair so I try to do as little as possible. It's not because I think it makes my hair weighed down or greasy, it's just a personal preference. 
  • A lot of hairstylists say that unwashed hair holds styles the best, however, before I style my hair, it has always been just washed or washed a few hours before and I actually prefer it that way. 
 Ok now onto what I use:
I use a Remington D1000is hair dryer. I've never used any of the attachments that go with it (in fact I don't even know if I have them anymore). It was really inexpensive and it's GREAT. It has lasted me for four years and counting. My hair is super thick and such a pain to blow dry but this gets the job done as fast as possible. 
As far as curling irons go, I have a ton of different sizes of the Conair satin finish ceramic curling irons. I most often use the 1.5" to get big, voluminous curls.
Like I said, I really hate using hair products, however, if I ever use a product it's either Sunsilk's TLC hair cream which I put on while my hair is wet and then blow dry. It helps to make my hair softer and less frizzy. 
This is the second product that I use if I must use a product. It's Aussie's Hi Hold and Hi Shine maximum hold hairspray. It is so light and still holds my hair in place.
Last but not least, I rarely use Silk Elements' glossing polish but I do if my ends are really frizzy or I haven't gotten around to getting a hair cut and have pretty bad split ends. I put the size of a dime in my palm and rub my hands together and run my fingers through my ends.

I can't currently find a good hair curling tutorial on YouTube that explains how I curl my hair but if I do in the future, I will be sure to post it. As for curling my hair, I start with the barrel at the top of my head and work my way down. I know a lot of people tend to start at the bottom and roll the barrel up towards the crown of their head and while that works, I find that starting at the top achieves the most body and volume.
Whenever I use a smaller sized curling iron, I curl it early and then the curls fall out and look great, or I do relatively tight curls and then brush my hair out for a voluminous curly look.
I also have Remington hot curlers and I've tried Conair in the past. I've tried these a billion times and I never get the results I want. I've also looked for good YouTube tutorials on how to use hot curlers but I can never perfect it. If you have any tips or tricks, I'd love to know! 

What are your hair care tips and tricks? I'm always looking for creative ways to style my hair! Have a fabulous day!


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I am on of the ones who has asked you about your hair several times, haha. I am curling iron illiterate.. Thanks for the hair details!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

you're so lucky to have naturally straight hair that holds a curl. mine is very straight and i hardly ever blowdry it because it air dries nicely, however, it is a struggle if i ever try to curl it!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

Hey girl, Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21) has a good hair curling tutorial that I actually have on my blog. Here's the link
I don't know if that's the kind of look you're looking for, but I've used her technique before and it turns out beautifully.

sSe said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have always wanted to email you about how you get your hair so nicely done, but you seemed to read my mind. Thanks so much and happy blogging!

Andrew said...

I stumbled upon your blog recently and you're too cute!
I always wondered how people made hot rollers work as well, and even looked up youtube videos and had no success. Finally, like 6 months ago I ended up buying these from amazon
The clips are sooo much easier than the other brands I tried. They heat up really fast too.


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