Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jeans that you don't wash?!

 Yes, they exist. Denim that you don't have to wash for months.  A sorority sister was telling me about Nudie jeans the other day. They are raw denim which means they weren't treated with any chemicals and they weren't faded at all. You wear them for months without having to wash them and if you feel like they are getting dirty just throw them into the freezer. Sounds totally bizarre but apparently, wearing them for a few months without washing them gives them a unique look for each owner. I'm not sure I'm a fan just yet, but they're becoming a popular choice for the male set...they only set you back $200. What do you think of not washing your denim for months? Have a fabulous day!


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Oh my stars!
I just don't know, def sounds like a boy thing.

Mrs. Kindergarten

Mrs Nautical Belle said...

Ew! Sorry but this is so gross. I like my denim nice and soft not scratchy.. so I wonder what these jeans feel like? probably stiff as a board.


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

hahaha, i have heard of these, and while it's interesting, i don't think i could do it! yuck!

caknitter said...

Oh dear, not washing anything for 2 months is not very appealing.

Kim said...

Ehh I totally would spill something on them. I am the most clumsy person ever.

Memphis88 said...

Dry selvage denim is the way to go. I had a couple pairs of Nudies until I grew tired of the back pockets and orange stitching. Now I only wear APC. I'm about to wash one pair that I got nearly a year and a half ago and haven't washed once. They are very soft and broken in now and the wash will be unlike any other after they come out of the washing machine. Surprisingly, I never spilled anything on them and they don't smell. Dry selvage denim is also a much better quality denim than what you'd get with a pair of 7s or Citizens. I do think it's more of a guy thing, though. I can't talk my girlfriend into getting a pair.


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