Monday, June 6, 2011

JPK Paris 75

A while back, I got a question on my Tumblr about JPK Paris handbags. I had actually never heard of the brand before and decided to do some research and fell in love with all of the JPK Paris handbags! If you haven't heard of this bag and are looking for a well-made, high-quality handbag that won't break your budget then this is the brand for you. The bucket bags are their most popular style of handbag and are available in several different materials such as nylon and leather.
JPK's leather is extremely luxurious (their patent leather is actually leather, unlike many handbags and shoes out there). However, how fun would it be to get the Nylon Bucket Bag in Navy and then take it to your monogrammer and have your monogram stitched on in gold to match the hardware?
What I also love about JPK Paris's handbags are that the hardware is very sturdy and adds a beautiful touch to each of their bags. You cannot tell in the pictures from their website, but all of the hardware is extremely well made and even from far away, you can tell that the bag is well constructed.
 I got 2 JPK Paris Bags; the above one is the Betty Large Wrinkle Patent Leather and I LOVE it! it is so roomy and even comes with a matching wristlet-size pouch inside. This bag's handles are somewhat thin, but very comfortable and plenty long enough for wearing over-the-shoulder. One of the best parts of the bag is that the closure in the middle is extremely magnetized which makes it very easy to close.
I can fit all of this in the Betty bag and still have plenty of room left. The best part is that the bag doesn't look very large over my shoulder.
This is the Betty filled with all of my stuff and as you can see there is plenty of room for more.
This is my with the Betty after a day at the country club. This bag was perfect for toting around all of my pool essentials. The bright green shade is gorgeous and really stood out. On the website, the handles look pink and green striped but I would say that they are more of a "Barney" (you know, the purple dinosaur?) and green color. The size is perfect to use as a tote for books and magazines, but is also perfect to use as a purse. 
This is the JPK Paris East/West Nylon Shopper. My absolute favorite thing about this bag is the  color. It is a deep, jewel-tone purple and the gold hardware really pops against this shade. 
Here are some of the other color options for the JPK East/West shopper. All of these colors are great options and would match with a lot.
The great thing about this bag is that it has a great shoulder strap. So perfect for traveling because it is a roomy bag and you can have both of your hands free and there's no worry of the straps falling off your shoulder.
The East/West bag is fully lined and has two large pockets along with a roomy zipper pocket as well. The hardware is very luxurious and heavy, which really shows that it is a quality hand bag. I would definitely compare this bag to a Longchamp because of the size and the fact that they are both made of nylon. I love my Longchamps, however, this bag is most definitely of higher quality because of the lining, the hardware, and the pockets. Do you own a JPK Paris 75 bag? What do you like about it? Have a fabulous day!


Caitlin C. said...

I love JPK Paris! A lot of my friends have the bucket bag, but I'm actually more of a fan of the one you have.. the Betty Large Wrinkle Patent Leather. I love the color of the green, the fact that it's roomy, and it looks so cute on you!

Ashton said...

I used to have a nylon bucket. Don't buy it! It picks your clothes. I am talking ruin one of my nice cocktail dress.

Jenna @ said...

A client at the salon had a JPK Paris bag last summer, and I loved it!! They remind me a lot of Longchamp, as well in that they are incredibly simple yet very classic looking.

I really like the purple bag you have!! I am contemplating getting one... Hmmm... It is also encouraging that they are better quality than Longchamp. One of my Longchamps that I use for class has a hole in it from a binder corner! Lame.

Great post!

Ashley said...

SUCH great bags! I love all the color options

♡ Mrs. BSK {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

I really like the green one. That is the perfect color for a summer pool day. Room for lots of my wedding magazines! ;)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

JPK bags started popping up at UVA 2 years ago and I love them! The bucket is definitely a nicer version of the Longchamp! I love the green tote you got!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love JPK bags! I've been thinking about getting a large tote to replace my longchamp for the Summer.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love the green tote! I had never heard of this company, but now I'm going to have to check them out!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I love JPK! My sister actually gave one to my mom for Christmas, and she loves it. They're definitely becoming the new Herve Chapelier. Great post!

Honey at 2805 said...

Really like all of the color options in these bags!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the JPK east west
comes without leather handles? I purchased one on ebay and although it was not misrepresented as having leather handles, I thought being compared to LongChamp and Herve and the price point that the handles would be leather. Just wondering if I recd a fake.

Anonymous said...

I just got me a Black nylon JPK. I inspected it very carefully before buying it and it seems like a good acquisition. Specially because I will use it for travelling and it's light way, cross body strap and inside space make seem very functional.


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