Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jack Wills: University Outfitter

Georgetown Jack Wills (these are shot glasses!)
As I have blogged about previously, I met my parents in D.C. for a long weekend right after finals week to shop, eat, play. Well, of course we had to do some damage in Georgetown. We went to all the staples, you know, Vineyard Vines, Rugby, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers and... Jack Wills. I had seen the storefront in August however, I didn't go in. I just spied the Jack Wills adorable navy and pink striped car.
So cute, right?
I didn't know much about the brand, but as soon as I walked into the store, I knew Jack Wills was a new favorite. The store is decorated with a hodgepodge of Rugby themed items and their famous bold navy and pink stripes. There was a huge preppy vibe but on the women's floor, there was also a touch of glamor with lace and sparkly things. The shot glass wall as seen at the top of this post was just a small touch that definitely lent to a university feel. Well, Molly at Jack Wills sent me the most gorgeous blazer... ever. I mean seriously this blazer is the blazer to end all blazers.
 These are the buttons.  I love that they secretly say Jack Wills but no one else can really tell! This also gives you a close up to the fabric. Nice, heavy wool.
I love that the inside lining is their signature navy and pink stripe. It makes it super hard to resist not to roll up the sleeves.
So fun, right?
My second favorite part is that the underside of the collar is pink! I mean come on, these little details are just icing on the cake! 
This blazer is called the Renshaw boyfriend blazer. It seems that it is no longer available on the website, but I'm sure you could track it down in a store if you wanted to. Just from this blazer I can already tell that this is a new go-to shop. The fit of this blazer is outstanding. It is fitted and definitely true-to-size although if you want to wear a super heavy sweater underneath, I'd size up. I'm very impressed with the quality and was pleasantly surprised!
So a big thank you to Jack Wills for helping me to look fabulous in their pink and navy stripes!
Have you shopped JW? Almost everything on their site is on sale right now (we're talking prices around $25/$30ish plus you get an extra 10% off. Do you love it? What is your favorite piece? Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sce - great to se JW has finally 'made it in the states' - thier clothes are beautifully made, often in the Uk which is great to see these days. They manage to combine great heritage looks with a quirky twist don't you think? The lining on your blazer is a lovely feature. I'm really excited about the SS collection but not much on the site yet!

Anonymous said...

Ahh I want that jacket so badly!! I have 2 Jack Wills stores nearby, but I only buy accessories/PJ's from there because the fitting is a little iffy. Love your outfit!!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I love that jacket! I've been on the hunt for a perfect blazer for a summer internship!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I do like that blazer--especially the pop of pink in the collar and lining!

Barefoot and Preppy said...

loveee the blazer!!!!

Belle said...

I have loved JW for a good couple of years now - it's awesome! Glad it's over in the US now for you guys - quintessentially English Prep in my opinion :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

We have one at UVA now and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I love the blazer but I feel like some of their other pieces are cheaply made and over priced for the quality. Maybe I have to poke around the store some more!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous jacket! The details are fab, and the pairing with the white button-down is perfect!


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