Friday, August 24, 2012

Hair Advice Needed!

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My hair is too long. I know some people would say "your hair can never be too long". However, I believe that hair can definitely get to a point where it is too long. My hair is definitely the longest it has ever been and it has become an issue. I know everyone reading is probably thinking "just get a haircut" but I really dislike haircuts. I love the healthy feeling of my hair after a cut and the style, but curling newly cut hair is always a long learning process. 
I'm usually creative with my hair and love to curl and straighten it, but lately I have just been pulling it in a pony. I'm in a rut... 
So, I need your help! I have super thick hair and need a cut... I usually always get 2 inches trimmed off but I'm thinking this time I need about 5-6 inches off... what do you tell your stylist to do when you get your hair cut and not just trimmed? Usually I request straight across in the back and angled around my face in the front, but I'm thinking I need something more updated? Let me know your input!! Have a fabulous day! 


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do anything too drastic because you'll probably regret it. Maybe try some long layers? That way you can keep the length and style but it'll give it a nice update. Hope that helps! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

After wearing my hair long for years I cut it into a longish- bob and LOVE it. I get the back cut higher than the front, but not stacked, and have them frame my face.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I have thick wavy hair that had gotten out of control long so I got a few inches got off at the beginning of the Summer. I was scared to take off too much so I had them trim off a few inches and do layers all around. The layers, which are pretty short towards the front are a little harder to style but my hair has been drying so much faster! And I've found that if I leave it in a bun overnight, it waves out perfectly. Even just getting a few inches off will make you feel so much better! Bring in a couple pictures of layered looks and see what they think is the best for framing your face.

Claire said...

I'm zero help, but this has at least inspired me to make an appointment and cut my hair again! My hair never gets past my shoulders- I'm just too short for any longer hair and my hair is too thin for that nonsense. And sadly I pretty much let my hair dresser have free reign. Luckily I'm not attached to my hair!

Anonymous said...

You have really pretty hair. I understand how it feels to be in a "hair rut". My advice would be to go with the happy medium. Maybe get 3-4 inches off and see how you like it. That way your hairstyle is something new, but it's not completey drastic and definitely not something that will overwhelm you.

Emily said...

My hair is SUPER thick - like my hairstylist says it's the most hair she's ever seen. So when I go to get my hair cut I usually get long layers, angled in the front, and she thins it out to take some of the bulk out of it. I used to get it straight across but I've found the layers really help reduce a little bit of the thickness and make it a lot easier to handle when im blowdrying/straightening it.

The Gameday Belles said...

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Anonymous said...

Totally cut it! It will grow back! :) You have stunning hair!

Grace said...

I love my hair long, but whenever I get it cut I always go for face framing layers!

Karyn said...

I have very thick and naturally wavy hair and for the past 4 years or so this is what works for me:
Tell your stylist you want it cut in the shape of a V. Not so much that you have a rat tail like thing in the back, but that's the general shape.
Blunt cuts tend to be too boxy with thick hair.
You will have to play with your curling iron or rollers at first, but you'll figure it out. :) Good luck!

Beaufort Belle said...

I love your hair in your profile picture and the other picture you have posted in the same outfit. I don't think it will make you look too young as you become a young professional. I loved your curl looks from a post you did in 2009. I think it was "Curls, Curls, Curls"

I would probably start at those lengths as they seem to be your favorites. Plus it is perfect for ponies, down, and updos.

Have a consultation first... An appointment just for that. Discuss potential new hairstyles. I remember you posting pictures of celebrities that you like their hairstyles. Google the celebrity with hair or hairstyle after the name and you can see different hairstyles their hair can do. Just remember your hair is thick and the texture of your hair may not be like theirs. Save the images on your iPad or print them out to take with you. There are also many hair magazines in the magazine sections at most stores. They feature celebrities and regular people. They also show what is trending if you really want to change things up. Many of them will state what hair type the style is best for as well as how to style it.

Definitely check out InStyle magazine as well.

Best advice from personal experience is take baby steps if you are this curious and concerned. Shorten up to the length you are most comfortable. You can always cut shorter but if you go short, it takes awhile for it to grow out.

Lots of people with very thick hair will add layers to change things up and take some thickness out.

Beaufort Belle said...

I did go back and see pics where you look like you have some layers.

I do have 2 specific hairstyles and you may have been told 1 of them. As a rule you usually go light on your makeup and nave a natural, beautiful face, have you considered a style like Princess Kate (ignoring that technically her title is Duchess. But if Will says she is Princess, I will do the same)? Her length is where I think you want to go, but if you want shorter, it would still work. Plus your coloring, hair and face, is different than hers so no one would say it is a copy.

The other if you want to go shoulder length short, there is a wonderful photo of actress Camilla Belle that is beautiful. It is from it looks shorter because she has huge curls on the bottom. It has side swept long bangs. (I am doing something similar as my hair is growing out).

Both have similar face shapes to yours and both seem to have thick hair. I too have very thick hair like you do.

I do agree with Karyn. Ask for the V or oval shaped hairline. Definitely consult with the hairstylist you use and trust the most. They know what your hair can and cannot do. And with pictures you like, they can give you an idea of if it will work on you, how it may actually work on you, etc. and then again, if they know you and your hair well, they will really listen to what you told us suggest many ideas for you. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get it cut in a U or a V shape so you can keep some overall length and give your hair a little life without cutting too much off or keeping the same just shorter!


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