Friday, September 28, 2012

412 News: Wild Alaskan Grille

Several weekends ago I went to a new restaurant in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh. The restaurant, Wild Alaskan Grille is owned by Luke Wholey... Pittsburgher's may recognize Wholey from Wholey's fish market also located in the Strip District. (Apologies for the poor picture quality, all I had on me was my iPhone).

The restaurant is located in a large, open warehouse space. Super high ceilings, exposed brick and a "hip" atmosphere make for a great place to dine. We didn't have a reservation and just showed up around 7:30pm (on a Saturday) and got seated right away. The tables are really neat because they are recycled spools from fishing wire; they definitely fit in with the warehouse vibe.

They had a really fun drink list. I usually always order a Tanqueray and tonic if I am ordering a mixed drink, but because their list was so fun, I ordered the mojito which was pretty good.

During the course of the night, they had the Pirate and Steelers pre-season game projected on one of the walls while a DJ set up on a balcony.

My meal was easily the best I've ever had and had some great selections. They even had $2 blue crabs... it was a feast of epic proportions.

I had the lobster bisque to start off with (cCm and I nickname it lobby bisque). It was SO good. Huge chunks of lobster and rich, creamy, flavorful broth. It was out of this world good and I've tried a ton of seafood bisques. For my entree, I had the land and sea which had filet, shrimp and scallops. It was done perfectly and tasted delicious. There wasn't a thing I would have changed about my meal.

Pretty snazzy tables, huh?! If you live in Pittsburgh or are visiting, this is definitely a place that I recommend!

Remember this OOTD? This was what my mom and I wore to Wild Alaskan Grille!
Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Closet Switch

It's that time of year again. It's a day I dread... Switching closets. As I brought out the wool and cashmere sweaters, I may have shed a tear or two while putting away my bright summer frocks. Now don't get me wrong, fall fashion is a favorite of mine. I love leather boots, wool pea coats, and cozy cashmere, but at the same time, those pretty Lilly's and bright chinos brought me happiness every time I opened my closet. So it's not goodbye, dearest summer clothing, it's see ya next time. 

I thought I would share how I go about switching over  my closets. And boy oh boy was it a task... especially because I have no college apartment or dorm that acts as a second closet. 

First, I get a hanging rack (super inexpensive at Walmart) out and go through my closets and drawers and hang everything summery that I want to put into storage. This is a way to stay organized and free up closet space. 

I fold everything very neatly and then get it all into storage...Everything is labeled very clearly with printed labels. Then I organize my closets to get them perfectly ready for fall clothing. 

This is my armoire which is where I store things that I wear most frequently. I have a system for storage. From left to right: Silk/dressy sleeveless tops, silk/dressy sleeved tops, button down shirts, knits, blazers/outerwear, dresses, skirts, dress pants. 

I stack folded denim on the shelf in my armoire right under the hanging clothes so it is easily visible and accessible. These are only the pairs of denim that I wear most frequently, all other denim is folded and in my second closet. 

While going through summer and fall/winter clothing, I pull anything that needs to be taken to the tailor and throw it in a tote. That way, I know that when I pull out my summer clothing for next year, it will be ready to wear and the fall clothes will be ready as well! 

Every time I switch closets, I make a point to get rid of at least a bag of clothing. The above picture was just the start of getting rid of things. I ended up with two garbage bags full... someone is getting lucky at Goodwill! 

Left to right: most worn denim, most worn sweaters, extra hangers. I always have extra hangers because it is such a pain to run out. 

I am a huge fan of under-bed storage. The left bin is just a plastic bin from Target that I store less worn sweaters. I don't mind that it doesn't look nice because I have a dust ruffle that hides under-bed storage. The right box is a bin for extra shoes that don't fit in my three over-door shoe pockets. 

The bin is perfect for "bigger" shoes that don't fit nicely in shoe pockets. 

These are baskets that I used in college and now they house my clutches and small handbags. They are easily accessible and organized. 

Have you switched your closets yet? Do you have any tips and tricks? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be Professional, B-E Professional...the Luxe Way

Graphic Image Monogram Datebook

Have a fabulous day! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

First order of business in today's post: I am again, rocking my new favorite outerwear brand, ThomasKelly! Remember I posted about them a few weeks ago... when it was still warm. Now that it is chilly, I have added the bolero over top of the Malaga Mix top and Ladera Legging and it was such a perfect look to run to the grocery store post workout! 

Next order of business is glasses... no, not wine glasses, but glasses to help you see. When I was around age 4, I was "diagnosed" with sounds way worse than it really is. In fact, it really doesn't hinder me... except when I'm exhausted or have had a few cocktails. 

Let me explain... Strabismus is a weakness in your eye muscle. This causes me to have a "lazy eye" which is a tad embarrassing and really not flattering. It is usually not noticeable, but when I haven't had enough sleep or I have an alcoholic beverage, my eye starts to wander. Most children grow out of it, but I never did. I've kind of stopped letting it bother me, and have just kind of "owned" this imperfection... there is a quick and easy surgery to fix this, but I've got serious white coat syndrome and just the thought of eye surgery is enough to make me run and hide. 

The reason I bring this is up is because I haven't worn glasses since age 12. I really hate wearing my contacts, so I almost never do. I want to start wearing glasses again... not exactly the hipster kind, but something flattering and fun. I really do think that glasses make everyone look "smarter" and there are some really awesome glasses options out there. I have narrowed down some of my favorite styles... of course, eye glasses are subjective/differ for everyone, but I can't help but to love certain styles... even if they aren't the best option on me

I think my top pick would be Warby Parker's Filmore.. It reminds me a bit of Oliver People's... which I've tried on and feel that I look incredibly goofy in the classic rounded lenses.. while WP's are similar to OP's, I like that WP's are less circular. I actually really like a lot of Warby Parker's frames and the price is really reasonable  The company is a bit like Tom's Shoes in that they donate a pair of glasses every time someone purchases a pair. Pretty cool, WP, pretty cool. 

The Jasper by WP is another favorite of mine. I actually love them as sunglasses, but think that they may be too big on my face as glasses... or a little to hipster looking... which I have nothing against, I just don't think it suits me personally. 

The Miles by WP is another good pick. Can you tell that I have a thing for tortoiseshell?! I think these look almost perfect. They are not too large, not too rounded and the frame is not too thick. 

Last but most certainly not least, I give you the Oliver Peoples' Riley. The perfect blend of tortoiseshell and a great rounded frame and thin sides. Basically my perfect pair! So we will see which pair I end up with in the coming weeks.... I'll be rocking the "nerd-chic" look! 

Do you have glasses? What is your favorite brand/style? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Skiing with Neve Designs

Winter weather is right around the corner... Christmas is in just 3 months!!! In fact, here in Pittsburgh, we got a taste of winter this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday were a brisk 50(ish) degrees! I actually forgot how chilly 50 degrees really is. While I love fall, I don't like when it gets freezing. I haven't been home for a fall/winter in Pittsburgh for 4 years now (with the exception of Thanksgiving/Christmas), so I will have to get back into the swing of snow/ice November-March...yikes. 

While, I dislike the freezing cold, one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world is only possible when the weather is freezing (literally)... and that is skiing! Sadly, in Virginia, there weren't too many amazing ski resorts but I did manage to check out Massaunutten (20 minutes away from JMU), Wintergreen and the Homestead. I actually didn't get to ski at all this past winter.. it was way too warm in Virginia! Here in Pittsburgh we ski at Seven Springs/Hidden Valley... many of my friends and family have homes at Seven Springs and we used to have a ski home there! It is only about an hour drive from Pittsburgh so it is super convenient to just hop in the car and go skiing for the weekend... those really are the very best weekends. 

I have been skiing for 18 years (I started when I was 4!) and one thing that has always been important is style while out on the slopes and around town (remember those neon bib snow pants in the '90's?!). There are also a lot of factors that go into ski-wear. You can't just wear a silk dress and ballet flats out to dinner apres ski. Number 1 reason being that you would freeze but also because it is usually snowing or there is slush/snow everywhere. As I start to gear up for ski season, I've compiled a list of ski essentials from Neve Designs... start stocking up now and you will be ready to hit the slopes as soon as the first flake falls.

Layers are key when skiing. The Neve Designs Cirque pant and crew neck is the perfect base layer option. Plus, the quality of this top/pant combo is a steal. I've seen base layers 2 or 3 times the price of the Cirque pant and top! Personally, I am boring when it comes to base layers. I like to be streamline in all black or navy because it is the most flattering (meaning it makes you look the skinniest!). But, Neve has some really incredible print options as well. 

After you have your base layer, you need something fun, thin and warm to throw over top (because, really,  who wants to look like Randy from A Christmas Story??). To say that I am obsessed is even an understatement when it comes to Neve Designs vintage inspired wool pull over zip ups! I mean, the Courchevel zip neck even made Oprah's 2011 Favorite Things list... and I can certainly see why! Neve Designs generously sent me this zip neck top and I am so in love! I actually plan on wearing this with a tee, jeans, and boots for a fun winter look as well as on the slopes! This makes a great apres ski option as well. I think skinny cords and loafers or boots would look fabulous for dinner in a ski town.

Lastly, you will need a ski jacket and pants... my favorite brand and what I own are Spyder, wool socks (my favorite are Smart Wool), cozy boots (think L.L. Bean) and fun hat and pair of gloves. Where to store all of those accessories?! 

Neve Designs really does have it all. The Courchevel weekender bag comes in handy when you are on the go to your favorite mountain destination. Neve Designs also sent me weekender bag... what nice people they are at Neve! What's inside mine?

The perfect pair of "boot tucking" denim, tortoise headband (because no one likes fussing with their hair apres ski), classic Ray-Ban gold/green aviators to block out the sun's glare, vaseline, Courchevel zip neck and lastly, leather driving gloves for a sleek apres ski look.

What are your ski essentials? Have you shopped Neve Designs? What's your favorite piece? Have a a fabulous day! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Falling for Fashion

I like to try out all different things when it comes to fashion. Sometimes I buy on trend and other times I go for more timeless pieces. I always describe my style as timeless with a twist and a dash of prep. Here is what I am loving/inspired by for fall 2012:

Desert wedge bootie. You can find this look at any price point. The reason that I love these shoes is because they are not only comfortable, but also versatile. Plus, you can hide a warm sock without anyone knowing! These are really versatile because you can wear them with anything and everything-- I love pairing them with cuffed denim and skirts!

Cartier is known for making the classic tank watch (it was a favorite of Jackie O), however, a lot of companies make a similar style. Being the watch connoisseur that I am, of course I would rather have the Cartier, but my post grad budget does not support the several thousand dollar price tag... one day! This is a classic, timeless watch, so it is worth to invest in a good brand. The above Bulova has a lot of the characteristics of the tank watch (think small rectangular face with bracelet band) but only runs at about $200.

I've certainly blogged about the Barbour Beaufort before. This is a wardrobe staple and is truly an investment piece that should last you a good 10 years. It looks great with anything casual and pairs fabulously with tartans.

Speaking of plaid, these are a few of my favorite tartans for this fall season that are totally fun in small doses (but I even like plaid in large doses!).

I am loving structured bags. While I love the look of some "slouchy" bags, structured bags make it so easy to store things and find them without having a mess of pouches floating around. I just ordered the above Kate Spade bag in a tan shade and cannot wait until it arrives. Pink Tulips, which I've previously blogged about has some great structured bag options as well. 

Scroll through for more of my picks for fall... Peplum, plaids and a punchy orange shade! What are you loving for fall? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Re-purposed Outfits

Remember this outfit of the day from a few weeks ago? It is the J. Crew navy tweed blazer and navy tweed postage stamp mini. Well...I re-purposed the blazer of the above "work outfit" into a more casual, weekend look and this is how it turned out:

I paired it with a striped boat-neck tee, boyfriend jeans, and orange flats. This was perfect for a cooler weekend day. I love pairing navy and orange together and this was a great way to pair the two colors together. Plus, I am loving the navy tweed that J. Crew has this season. They make it in a gorgeous heel and cafe capri as well! 

Have you checked out the navy tweed at J. Crew? What is your favorite fall color combo? Do you re-purpose outfits? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sponsor: Lemon and Line

I am very excited to announce the newest Summer Wind sponsor, Lemon and Line! Remember when I did a fun giveaway with Lemon and Line back in November? Well... if you didn't get a chance to win one then... you may get a second chance later this month (hint, hint!!). I can say first hand that Lemon and Line is an amazing company. 

If you've been reading Summer Wind for a while now, then you know that I fully support and prefer "Made in the U.S.A." products and this is something that Lemon and Line prides itself on. Here is an excerpt from the About section of the L&L website:
"Lemon and Line handcrafts authentic, nautically inspired, bracelets in the sailing capital of the world, Newport, Rhode Island." -L&L Website
Not only is Lemon and Line made in the U.S.A but everything is sourced from the U.S. as well... here's an excerpt from their Facebook page:
"Lemon and Line Fact: every inch of our line is manufactured in the United States. From Maine to Miami, Massachusetts to New York - we're proud to source from the best of the best."-L&L Facebook
And since last November, Lemon and Line has been receiving quite the press! They have been featured in Oprah magazine, Real Simple and one of my absolute favorites, Matchbook! So what are my top picks from Lemon and Line? Here you have the Summer Wind top 6:
Lemon and Line

Of course the pink and green options are my favorite but I am also loving the single strand bracelets as well. Lemon and Line only uses top notch, high quality materials so you know this bracelet will last you for years to come! I think it is the perfect addition to any arm party and will definitely be the perfect preppy touch to any ensemble.

I also love that you can wear these bracelets in the shower/pool/ocean etc. I always get so annoyed when I have to take off my jewelry to shower/swim-- I just want to wear it 24/7 and with the Lemon and Line bracelets, you definitely can!

And not only are they great for you, but they are great as gifts-- At $25, this is an inexpensive price point... especially for the quality that you are receiving! I love this idea as bridesmaid/groomsmen favors at a beach wedding... get these bracelets in the wedding colors and it makes for a special memory.

What is your favorite Lemon and Line bracelet? Which one do you already have and which is on your wishlist? Have a fabulous day and a big welcome to Lemon and Line as a sponsor on Summer Wind!

*note: this is a sponsored post; all opinions are my own. 

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