Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've been dying for a Barbour jacket forever. I really cannot remember a time when I didn't have it on my wishlist. Well, I've finally made the Barbour Beaufort mine. It was about time. Priced at $400, some may think it's a bit steep for a waxed cotton jacket but Barbour has been doing outerwear forever
The Beaufort is very similar to the Bedale and Beadnell... all those B's can get confusing! The Beaufort is a tad longer in length than the Bedale. The Beaufort is meant for hunting... there's even a pocket in the back for your "catch"... Yeah, I don't think I will be putting any dead animals in the back of my Beaufort jacket. 

The Barbour should last years... maybe even your whole life! So here are things that you should add on with your Barbour purchase:
A liner is important so you can wear your jacket year round. It easily zips right in and is only around $100. I got one because here in Pittsburgh it gets freezing and I wouldn't be able to wear the jacket without the liner! 

A tin of wax. It is recommended that you reproof your jacket every year. You can have it professionally done or you can do it yourself. Hint: NEVER wash your Barbour or have it dry cleaned. You can't really clean it at all except for using a damp cloth. 

Barbour scarf. Barbour makes scarves in many different tartans; each tartan matches the inside of the jacket. The tartan above is the "classic" which matches any Barbour jacket that is olive in color. 

Detachable hood. With so many options, you can truly personalize your Barbour jacket to suit yourself and your lifestyle. Do you have a Barbour jacket? Have a fabulous day! 


Unknown said...

I am in love with my Barbour jacket! It is one of the best gifts that my father has ever given me, and I just adore that darn coat! Keep it well waxed and it'll last forever. I've sent mine in once to have it professionally re-waxed, and I swear I got my jacket back as if it were brand new once more! Enjoy your new Barbour, you'll absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

What size did you get yours in? "Santa" is bringing me one and I'm trying to decide between a two and a four.

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket! Yeah if I paid $400 for it (even if it would last forever) there would be no dead animals gracing that back pocket! Classic piece, very lovely!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love my Barbour! I hide it in all year haha. The kids teddy bear lining is the best!!!! And I love their scarves too.

Belle said...

I'm desperately wanting a Barbour! I think they're just so perfect! Here's hoping Santa brings me one!

Grace said...

Ah, I want one so bad! My boyfriend has one and I'm incredibly jealous, haha.

Caroline said...

LOVE that first jacket and the vest!!! So cute and fallish!

Barrett said...

I have three daughters, 23, 21 and 15. Each one of them got one of the "B" Barbour jackets for Christmas last year. They also are able to trade off with each other. They love them! Santa will be adding the liners and hoods this year!


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