Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have been creating wishlists nonstop. It's fun being a post-grad because you can actually afford things on your own. So, similar to a to-do list, I am slowly but surely crossing things off my wishlist. Here are some that I have yet to cross off... 
Rayban Clubmasters. I honestly cannot come up with a single reason why I need these. I already have the classic Rayban aviators along with a whole slew of other nice sunglasses options. I just want them... and bad-- they're so classic and really never go out of style. 

J. Crew Biennial Satchel. I've seen this bag in person and it is drop dead gorgeous. It is actually huge which is just what I need to haul all of my stuff to work everyday. I love the navy color too.

I had a pair of Target rainboots from my freshman year of college but I never wore them. I hated the way my feet froze in them and I had bean boots which I always relied on when it rained. I really like these Hunter rainboots-- they are much more stylish and flatter and with a thick sock and liner, hopefully they wouldn't have my feet frozen by the end of the day! 
Jack Wills Lyndhurst Umbrella. I love the pheasant print and the fall color scheme. So perfect! 
What is on your wishlist? Have a fabulous day! 


Denise said...

My husband bought me some Clubmasters about 3 years ago. I had wanted them for quite a while, but I was sort of concerned that I would get tired of them and want something else - and they're too expensive (in my opinion) to just get tired of in a couple of months. However, I've found that I haven't "outgrown" them and have worn them just about every day for the past three years! If I calculate cost per wear, I'm looking at about 13 cents/wear - pretty good value.

Emily said...

Can't wait until I am making some post-grad money, my wish list is forever growing longer with not too much getting crossed off :(

xx Emily @

So Simply Chic said...

That bag is definitely up on my wish list! Still being in college they will probably come out with a new style before I can afford it! Buttt then again there's Christmas :)


Doloris van der Bergh said...

You should definitely get those hunter rain boots theyare awesome !
xo dVb

Anonymous said...

I have the Clubmasters on my wishlist as well! :)

Anonymous said...

All your favorite things are my favorite things too! (Catch the movie reference? Haha.)

But seriously, those Hunters and that Umbrella are so adorable. And I've read such good things about the Biennial satchel--I want it in red!

Preppy Buckeye said...

So excited for post-grad salary!! Love love love those boots!

Grace said...

Ah, the clubmasters are my favorite Ray Bans! I just got some Hunters yesterday and I love them so far!


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