Friday, November 2, 2012

Road Trippin'

I did/do a lot of traveling. Most of the traveling that I do is on the road, but occasionally, I jet-set. For car rides, which are usually en route to Virginia/DC/Annapolis I have a standard routine. 


I like to dress comfortably because being in the car for over 4 hours is not exactly fun. However, I still like to be dressed enough to look cute upon arrival. I think around this time of year, a button down, sweater, skinny denim and loafers is comfortable yet put together look for traveling. 

Then you need your other essentials:

  • A snack so you aren't tempted to get fast food. I pick things that aren't messy and easy to grab. Pretzels are my favorite (beef jerkey too). 
  • Water
  • Caffeine (coffee, diet coke, energy drink, etc.)
  • iPhone for in case of emergency and to rock out to your favorite tunes (an updated playlist is key)
  • Phone charger-- my phone always dies! 
  • Sunglasses so you look stylish and so you don't become blinded by the sun
  • Luggage
What do you prepare and tote along for road trips? Have a fabulous day! 


Cotton said...

yoga pants are always a win!

Unknown said...

Cute outfit! I try to pack a snack as well to avoid those infamous golden arches!

Lauren said...

definitely agree on the travel outfit, layers are great and comfortable shoes are key!

great post!


Unknown said...

Goldfish are my fave for car rides!

shamim said...

thanks for the post. so helpful;)

Farrah said...

Are you travelling there to visit your beau from school?


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