Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For the Gents

I saw this image floating around Tumblr a while ago and saved it in my archive to post about. Why? See the guy with the tote? Well, I think every guy should have their own canvas tote. It's sturdy, inexpensive,  comes in multiple sizes, and it can be personalized. It even makes a good laundry bin! 

So guys, dish! Do you have your own canvas tote? Have a fabulous day! 


Angela Duke said...

My XL is currently sitting in my corner as a laundry "basket"! HAHA!

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

I got one for my husband for Christmas several years ago. It's the classic LL Bean medium size tote, and I got it in Naval Academy colors with "USNA 88" monogrammed on it. We use it to pack our tailgating supplies during football season or fill it with goodies when heading to the beach or a picnic.

Each of my twin boys have them too, but I bought them when my twins were in pre-school and now the monograms are too juvenile looking for their 7th grade taste...LOL. You just gave me a good birthday present idea!

Casey said...

Have multiples, both Ll Bean and Lands End, and use them for many things - library books, laundry supplies, purse, work bag, grocery bags, overnight bag.

Barbara Shea said...

Hey Syd!

My boyfriend just got a Filson canvas briefcase and duffle bag. The company is based out of Seattle (Made in America!) and it is GREAT quality. Like many other top name brands, they also have a lifetime guarantee or you can send it back! The style reminds me very much of Barbour and many people mistake their jackets for Barbour jackets. I think the briefcase is very young professional and perfect for preppy guys stepping foot into the business world. Check out the site:

Barb (@barbiedoll313)

Christine said...

L.L. bean totes are perfect for everything! They're so practical.



Chelsea Oliver said...

My boyfriend has one! He doesn't use it often, which is a surprise because he's so metro lol



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