Saturday, July 6, 2013

Futuristic Coffee

I love love love coffee. I really can't go a day without it. When I came across this super sleek coffee maker a la JCP, I knew I had to share! 

I recently saw Star Trek Into Darkness (which was actually pretty good and... Chris Pine is a babe!) which had me on a futuristic kick. I love science-fiction and space movies. When Zenon came out as a Disney Channel Original Movie... I went nuts. I probably watched it 100 times. Anyway, this coffee maker is the perfect thing for someone looking to add a futuristic element to their kitchen. Now, if only it could brew coffee every time it crossed my mind... Ahhh someday. 

Have a fabulous day! 


Vett Vandiver said...

I love coffee too and I think I need this in my kitchen!! cute blog! xoxo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's pretty cool!

Charlee said...

I LOVE that you're into futuristic/sci-fi shows. I am too!! It's always a surprise to my new friends that I am SUPER nerdy when it comes to my tv & movie selection. This coffee maker is definitely awesome - but I'm still in love with my Keurig :)

Charlee Anne @

Ambrey Rice said...

This is so cool, and I am an original Zenon fan too ;)


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