Friday, July 5, 2013

Lifeguard Press x Lilly Pulitzer

Size difference between large and pocket agendas.
 An improvement from previous agendas? Reinforced tabs!

 January is my favorite illustration... even furthering my idea that Veuve Clicquot and Lilly Pulitzer should do a collab! I mean, come on, Veuve and Lilly? What more could a girl want ;) 

Lifeguard Press just sent me my new Lilly Pulitzer agenda for the year! Last year, I had the large agenda, but this year, I decided to go with the pocket agenda. I am so glad I got the smaller size because it is small enough to fit into any handbag. I am seemingly always on the go and hate that my large agenda isn't always able to go with me. However, I still entirely recommend the large for someone who is still a student. I wouldn't have been able to survive with just the small one in high school or college. Did you order your new Lilly planner? Have a fabulous day!


Christine said...

I still need to order mine for the upcoming school year!
I'm still opting for a large one though. I have found it to be perfect for school.



Charlee said...

I was just on today looking at agendas! I kind of like the Lux one in First Impression (I have a skirt in that print and it's my absolute fav). But I might just stick to the Large Agenda because I know it works well for school.
Charlee Anne @

Anonymous said...

I am totally ordering the luxe one! I think it will be perfect for school!

bLs said...

I can't wait to receive mine! I ordered the same print!


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