Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! 

I'm thinking that if I were dressing up, that I'd like to incorporate these bow flats into my costume.... as a nice witch, of course. I think you know you're getting older when instead of dressing up and staying out all night, you choose to go to happy hour with friends (I'm headed to Soba for pickle martinis). Can't have too much fun on a work night... all of you college ladies, I will live vicariously through you! 

Click below to see what I dressed as in years past. My sophomore year was my absolute favorite!
What are you dressing up as? Have a fabulous day and a safe and spooky Halloween! 



PinkSenshi said...

Happy Halloween :)


Lauren said...

I love the Tiffany & Co. costume! Happy Halloween!


Kelly said...

I love that tiffany box! I'm dressing up as risky business tonight :D

Kristin Thompson said...

I LOVE the Tiffany box, such a good idea! Happy Halloween!



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