Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm a Shoe Girl

Confession: I have become a shoe girl. People that know me personally will be shocked to hear this. But it is true. Gone are the days where I completely skip over the shoe section in stores (I really did this, I kid you not); gone are the days where I wear the same pair of shoes for weeks in a row (well... almost). 
I have found myself gravitating towards shoes more and more and now I just can't get enough. There are so many pairs that I want to add to my closet! 
I hate to say it, but I am somewhat of a shoe snob and quality over quantity is totally valid when shopping for shoes. For example, I will only wear real leather/suede/etc. It drives me nuts when something is synthetic. For example, I purchased the Emery flats from J. Crew last year (see on Instagram) and when I received them, I realized they were synthetic. I wear them every once in a while and while they are cute, they are poor quality. 
I've compiled a list of affordable brands that offer shoes that are high quality (most of the time). 
  • Ivanka Trump (she made a pair of nude bow flats that I wore to pieces. They were so luxurious looking for around $100 and beyond comfortable). 
  • Vince Camuto (I wore the Cabernet heels for NYFW and never had to change into flats. Comfortable and very nicely made). 
  • Ralph Lauren (Lauren Ralph Lauren are super affordable, but they never have a leather sole. I usually go for Ralph Lauren Blue Label when they are on sale). I have the Adena Suede pumps and I love them. They are very attractive, affordable and great quality.
  • Palm Beach Sandals (Far superior to Jack Roger's in quality and the same in price)
  • Ferragamo (Well, these aren't necessarily affordable in my book but they are so worth the splurge. I have two pairs and am currently waiting to get my bright colored varinas back from the cobbler because I had to have them re-soled. 
  • Michael Kors (high quality and very worth the price.) I love my Vail wedges so much that I bought two pair in the same exact color so when one pair wears out, I'll have a new pair!
  • Talbots (hands down great quality for the price). I have been wearing Talbots shoes since high school and they are so comfortable and high quality. They usually have a leather sole and always run true to size. I am eyeing up these Chanel look-alikes
So, what are your favorite affordable shoe brands? I am always looking for new pairs to add to my ever growing wish list (scroll through some of my top picks below). 
Have a fabulous day!


PinkSenshi said...

Some of my favorite shoe brands are Enzo Angiolini, Vince Camuto, and C. Wonder :)


My Life as A Plate said...

Talbots really does have the best shoes, super cute and comfortable and last forever, esp. the ballet flats!

Lauren said...

I started to turn into a shoe girl a few years ago! As the quote goes The right pair of shoes can change your life!


Unknown said...

I love that you mention Palm Beach Sandals. I totally agree and don't understand why people still buy Jacks. I may be a little biased because we sell them on our site ( but the leather really is so beautiful and supple compared to the plastic jacks.
I am a total sucker for quality over quantity too. Shoes should last for years with a resoling every once in a while. Amen, sistah.
Love your blog, as always!
xxx Buggy

Portuguese Prepster said...

I think I'm more of a purse girl but I love good shoes, especially Varinas! They are so comfortable. I'm currently asking for suggestions for blog posts etc. on my blog...would love to hear your thoughts!

MIS390 said...

I agree completely! I know it sounds terrible to say (cocky or arrogant) but I CANNOT wear synthetic anything! My parents have always just bred me to be "real" whether it's leather or personality! P.S. I have a pair of Diane von Furstenburg heels and oh my goodness; they are so comfy! The padding in them makes them a dream to wear! xoxo

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