Monday, October 21, 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit

So I guess you're pretty cool if you wear the same top as Jessica Alba, right? Well, I sure hope that's what it means because... 

I rocked the rabbit sweater, too! 

If you follow me on Twitter (@SummerWind41490) then you'll know that I wore this over to my friend Dana's. I am not a huge cook, but Dana has been teaching me easy and yummy recipes. 

We do wine/dinner a couple times a month and it's tons of fun (as you can see, ha!!). 

I love love love this quirky rabbit sweater from Talbots. I like it paired by itself, but also plan to layer it with a button down when it gets a little chillier (and apparently 'a little chillier' would be Thursday... they are calling for snow..ugh!!). 

I really wanted to wear the beautiful necklace that Adia Kibur sent me (remember this post?), and knew that this sweater would be the perfect combo to balance out the dressiness of the statement pearls. Now I'm eyeing up the matching bracelet

I had to grab Mac for a photo because I think he was starting to feel left out that I had a rabbit on my sweater and not him... 

Sidenote: What do you think of my new specs?! I wore glasses/contacts since I was little and throughout high school for a disorder called strabismus aka. I have a lazy eye...Go ahead, laugh... because it is kind of funny. Then in college, I kind of just gave up. Now that I am staring at a computer screen so often, I needed them. I really only plan on wearing them while at my desk at work, but who knows, maybe I will end up liking them and wearing them more than that!

Have a fabulous day!


Lauren said...

Such a fun casual look!


PinkSenshi said...

I love your sweater!


Katy said...

Loving the glasses! I'm anxiously waiting for my new pair from Warby Parker to arrive. I think they have that grown up look yet they're fun at the same time! Have a great week. :)

McKenzie Wild said...

Love the sweater. I always loved the gator one from Lacoste.

Hollis said...

Talbots has some great pieces! You wear them beautifully! XO

Ashley said...

Where did you get the top layer jacket from?

Unknown said...

I like how you dress for comfort, but your clothes are classic and styled. Is that jacket Barbour?
An East Coast Classic


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