Monday, June 2, 2014

Nikon Lenses

First of all, thanks for all of the blogging suggestions, I'd love to hear even more in the coming weeks :) I am taking your suggestions and today I am posting about my camera and lenses. 

It's kind of ironic I am posting about taking good photos when the above photos are awful, but hey, I can only take a photo of my camera with my iPhone, right?! 

I have a Nikon D5000. It was originally my dad's but he passed it down to me. Since this is several years old, Nikon has come out with a Nikon D5200 which is the newer, comparable version. Both take photos and video, although, the video takes up a TON of space on a hard drive. 

Before I write about all of my photography experience and advice, please take this post with a grain of salt as I am just learning myself! 

I love love love this camera. I have never taken a photography course nor do I edit my photos other than using the iPhoto edit option that comes with a Mac so this camera is great for someone who doesn't really know what their doing (aka me). I still get great photos even without knowing much. It's almost foolproof. Although, I will admit, I have been reading a lot of photography blogs and have been really getting into it as of recent. I would consider it one of my hobbies, although I still think I just don't have the 'eye' for it.. I have fun with it, nonetheless. 

I have three lenses:

You kind of have to have more than one lens which is super annoying because they are pricey. I always wonder what else technology-wise could be invented and on my wishlist is an all-in-one lens as well as much smaller camera bodies... but who knows, maybe one day, our iPhones will be able to take these kinds of photos!! 

If I could only pick one lens to use, it would be without a doubt the 50mm lens. This is a lens with low f stop possibilities (which is great for getting the unfocused background that you see in so many blogger's photos), it is super inexpensive in comparison to most other lenses and it fares well in low light. The blurred background is harder to achieve when using the 55 or 200mm lenses because you have to better understand photography and the whole triangle concept/depth of field technical stuff. The only reason you wouldn't be able to use the 50mm lens exclusively is that it doesn't have any zooming capabilities.

If you are purchasing a camera body, it will more than likely come with a 'kit' lens. This is usually a 55mm lens. This is my least favorite lens. It may be good for a person that is a great photographer, but for a beginner I feel that it is just very average. 

The 200mm is my second favorite that I own. It's good for things that are far away because of the zooming capabilities. This was awesome for me to use at Fashion Week during the presentations. This is also good for someone who likes to take photos at sporting events. I actually shoot a lot of outfit shots with this lens, too, because it produces such clear images. 

So tell me, what camera do you have and what is your favorite lens to use? If you have any great photography tips/tricks or resources, I would love to know! I am always trying to improve and learn! Have a fabulous day! 



Unknown said...

Love this post! I am looking to buy myself an SLR camera

Ally Kryl said...

I LOOOVEE my Nikon. Best purchase I've ever made for myself. My favorite is definitely the 50 mm as well. But I also love the 70-300 which is another great one for distances.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I have a similar Canon (despite also looking at the Nikon D5200). Have you found any camera bags to love? That seems to be so tricky for me.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I have a similar Canon (despite also looking at the Nikon D5200). Have you found any camera bags to love? That seems to be so tricky for me.

Heather A. said...

I have a Nikon too (D3100) because it was what my mom always used! She has a fancy smancy one now since she's quite a bit more advanced but I love learning about cameras and photography from her. I just recently bought my 50mm lens and I can't believe it took me so long to add this to my collection- it is for sure my favorite (though it can get a little frustrating for landscapes when I want to zoom out a little.) So interesting to hear about the 200 mm lens- I don't use mine nearly as often simply because it's so much heavier (another plus of the 50mm lens) but I may have to dust it off soon!


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