Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer's Grandson Weds, Football Season, YSL Lip Gloss, Dairy Queen Cupcake and Taylor Swift's Shake it Off

Lilly Pulitzer's grandson recently tied the knot in Palm Beach (duh)... I loved scrolling through the photos on T&C Mag but this picture particularly caught my eye. I. Love. It. I hope my wedding turns out like this one ;) #VeuveForAll 

I went to the Steelers preseason game this past weekend (check out Amanda's photos!) and it made me so excited for fall! It also got me thinking (besides the fact I was reminded that I really don't like beer)... what do you wear to sporting events? I'm so not into wearing jerseys, but I like to try and stay within the same color scheme... I'm hoping everyone thought my tank was black and not navy... oops. I also may or may not have wanted to include the photo above to show off how stunning my city is. Love, pure love. 

I have a penchant for pricey lip products, but I absolutely have to share this one with you... run, do not walk, to your nearest Sephora and pick up YSL's rouge pur couture. It is SO easy to apply and really does last for a while. I have it in #12 coral fauve (shown on me in above photo, also seen here)... the woman at Sephora explained it to me as a glossy stain and I would say she is exactly right. You can also find my sunglasses here, my monogram necklace here and my curly hair tutorial here
I'm not sure if I'm the last to know about this one but my coworker told me about a Dairy Queen cupcake... at first I didn't believe her and when she described it I knew I had to hunt one down. They don't have them at my local DQ (why!?!?) but I found one in Georgia. It's like a little cup of ice cream cake. It's literally one of the best treats ever... seriously, step aside macarons and cronuts, this is the best! 
Have you checked out Taylor Swift's latest single? Not going to lie, I kind of love it. I'm excited for her album to drop on October 27th.. you can already preorder it... what can I say, I'm a shameless Taylor lover. Not to mention, she is wearing the most perfect Tabitha Simmons mary janes and I want them... I tracked down an affordable version, and Taylor has convinced me to make the purchase. What do you think of the song and the shoes? Have a fabulous day! 


Pick Your Beau said...

I had no clue DQ has cupcakes now! Will definitely have to go out asap and try one.

Pick Your Beau

Gabriela said...

That first wedding photo is amazing and I am now craving ice cream cake at 7am. Quick tip- it looks like you have a light beer in that glass, right? I've never liked those either, but I LOVE craft beers. Try a hefeweizen or witbier if you're ever feeling adventurous!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I posted about their wedding today too! Looked like so much fun. Love your casual look!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

Love these photos! And I'm a HUGE Steelers fan!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Meggie July said...

I absolutely love Taylor's new song as well. Lilly's grandson's Palm Beach wedding looked like so much fun! Also, loving that YSL lip color on you :)

Anonymous said...

What is the brand of your watch!!!???


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