Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cozy Sweats

I should first preface this by saying that I almost never (although, never say never, right?) leave my house in sweatpants... Ironically, I've already done a post about sweats on Summer Wind. So, I do wear sweats, a lot... you'll just never see me in them ;). 

I wear out a pair or two each season from getting so much wear. I'm pretty sure I am always freezing cold 99.9% of the time starting in December and going through February. I mean, my guiltiest pleasure is coming home from work in the dead of winter, and immediately putting on the coziest, most comfortable, warmest thing I own... usually that's a combination of cashmere and fleece. I have a few pairs of old navy fleece sweats that I absolutely love, however, they've seen better days (they're so bad it's embarrassing, actually) and ON has since discontinued them. I also like to feel 'chill' and 'sporty' when I'm just hanging out on the weekend watching a movie or whatever.... yes, I just admitted to that. 

I have been hunting for a super cozy pair of fleece sweats and wouldn't you know, the J. Crew men's sweatpants are much warmer and cozier than the women's. I tried them on in store in a size small... they pretty much fit and were actually flattering as far as sweatpants go. I left the store without purchasing because I felt weird about wearing men's sweatpants, but then I couldn't stop thinking about how cozy they were. So, I hopped online and ordered a pair... I'm glad I did, because they can be monogrammed online and are currently 25% off with code TGIFALL. 

I also found this pair from Nordstrom... love the color and look, but unsure about the fit and material. I think I'll order a pair and report back! 

So if you are looking for warm sweats, these are the pair for you. Do you have a go-to pair? Have a fabulous day! 


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hannah g said...

My sweats are anything but glamourous....I have two pairs. One is a pair of Soffe sweats that I got from a friend who was cleaning out her closet. The other I bought in my college bookstore sophomore year! They are perfect for walking my dogs in the chilly early morning hours, but I'd like to invest in some "cute and stylish" sweats for running quick errands.


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