Monday, October 20, 2014

Educate Yourself

I have been very fortunate in life to have visited some pretty amazing places in the world. Fun vacations, weekend trips, incredible historical museums, etc. My parents were never the kind to 'leave us behind' when they traveled. Looking back on this at 24, I greatly appreciate it. Wherever they went, Callie and I were always in tow, and that is something I have most definitely not taken for granted.
My dad is one of 'those adults' that loves to read. He takes after my grandfather, in that they love digesting all sorts of information. Biographies, political novels, any newspaper they can get a hold of. If you don't know what to give my dad as a gift, I tell people that a book is always appropriate. Same went for my grandpa. Our house is filled to the brim with all sorts of books. 
Well, on family trips, I used to loathe that my dad would make us sit around while he read all the plaques, brochures, pamphlets, etc. I remember Callie and I would complain and walk ahead and just in general get crabby about the fact that he wanted to 'read it all'.
In hindsight, Callie and I were rude to act this way. I say this, because in the recent years, I have caught myself trying to read everything. I have become almost obsessed, really. I will read labels at the grocery store, plaques at museums, books, magazines... pretty much anything. I think part of the reason is because I am out of school, I feel like I need to be responsible for further educating myself. I like to know bits and pieces of everything. I'm really into fashion as you can tell from my blog, but I also like to know what's going on in other facets of the world. I like to know about new wines, what's going on in politics (from both sides), what is the latest in science, the coolest tech innovations, etc. I'm always checking Mashable and AdWeek, as those are my two favorites. 
I saw the above quote and loved it. It's pretty much what inspired me to write this post. Educating yourself is one of the easiest and most important things to do in life. It's your responsibility, though. It can be easy to sit for hours on social media sites and online shopping, believe me, I know. But the feeling of 'knowing whats up' in the world is awesome. I think there is no greater feeling than hearing someone much older than me talking about something going on in the world, and I know enough to contribute to the conversation. It's fun to see that 'shock factor' on their face, too. 

How do continue to educate yourself as a post grad? Have a fabulous day! 



Emily said...

I am exceptionally lucky that I work in a museum alongside completing my post-graduate degree and nothing makes my heart swell more than seeing people, ranging from children, adults, research professors, or the guys digging the road outside hop into the building and leave inspired and enlightened, especially when they come back after a couple of weeks with great questions or tell you they've been doing more research on something they've seen in the galleries! Learning never stops, and taking those few moments to 'read it all' pays off in dividends!

Emily, UK

The Style Storm said...

Such a great quote!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Katie said...

It's not super hard for me to stay up to date with current events, but what I find really hard is continuous learning about things that aren't necessarily in current events. For instance, I really want to work on my Spanish, but I don't really even know where to begin with that since I'm not in classes. One way that I love to educate myself is by listening to podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab. Podcasts are also great company during work commutes!

Lauren said...

That is one of the truest quotes I have seen!


Jubilee said...

Such a great post - I was "dragged" to many historical battlefields, monuments, etc. as a kid of a History professor…..and I find myself quenching that thirst for knowledge still as a post-grad that didn't appreciate it enough as a kid!

Anonymous said...

I second the This American Life and Radiolab suggestions! I also highly recommend "The Skimm" ( for a daily news roundup- it summarizes, contextualizes, and links to news articles from around the web (and on themes ranging from Ebola, ISIS, and election coverage, to pop culture) and helps me cut to the most relevant sections in the newspaper when I don't have time to read it all.
I use my local university's continuing education office for short classes. I was terrible at pottery but it was fun!
I was an English teacher abroad for several years, and for language I absolutely recommend the DuoLingo app- its free and works really well!
I look forward to everyone else's suggestions!


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