Friday, October 17, 2014

J. McLaughlin Cozy Casual Cashmere + Talbots Suede Booties

I could write an entire book about this cashmere sweater from J. McLaughlin. It's that cozy. Not to mention, the fit is awesome for it being such a warm, thick cashmere. When this first arrived, I immediately knew that I wanted to dress it up (you know, with a dress and pearls)... I feel like that would probably be most people's first reaction with this sweater since it is ladylike, polished and elegant. Plus, the pop of pink paired with the polka dots makes it fun, too. Well, I decided since it was my instinct to dress it up, that'd I'd try to dress it down, first... I like to challenge myself ;) 

This is a great weekend look for when you want to look polished, stay warm but still be super comfortable. I wore this outfit on a Sunday to run a bunch of errands. The sweater is so cozy; I find myself reaching for it even when I'm just lounging at home. Not to mention, I practically live in this denim on the weekends (last seen here). 

The booties are also a new favorite of mine. Talbots sent them to me and the quality is top notch (per usual). I have been wanting a pair of flat booties for a while now. Truth be told, I wanted them because Harry Styles wears flats boots (Ok, I'm officially embarrassed, but it's true). I honestly have never been a big bootie wearer until they recently came into style in the past several years so this article about how to cuff your pants for booties was super helpful. I also love that they have a bit of elastic in the design so they are easy to throw on and take off. 

The flat booties will also be perfect during the freezing cold winter months when I want an alternative to riding boots. The no-heel aspect makes it perfect for walking on slippy (sorry, the Pittsburgher in me had to use that word) ice in the winter without wiping out. Because last winter, when I decided I would wear an 'all winter white' outfit with heeled boots, I wiped out walking to my car on the way to work... and let's just say: coffee everywhere...followed by some bruises. So I am now a flat boot fan.

Do you ever try to dress down dressier pieces? It's one of my favorite 'challenges'! Have a fabulous day! 



carciosef said...

Nice outfit!

Unknown said...

What a great look!!! Lovely!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

Pleather and Sparkle said...

Love those booties! I've been looking for a good flat pair!

xoxo, colleen

Lauren said...

I keep forgetting about J. McLaughlin and there is a store 5 mins away from where I live, I need to venture in there. Beautiful outfit!



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