Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gift Guide: Walking in a Lilly Wonderland

I am totally one of  'those girls' that loves Lilly Pulitzer. Living in a city as a 24 year old, I, admittedly, don't wear as much Lilly Pulitzer as I used to. I mean, seriously, in college, I used to stalk the Lilly site daily and know the name of every print. Now, I hop over to the site every other month or so to check it out-- so glad I did because good old Lilly P did not disappoint. Here are my favorites for the gift giving season... this is also, possibly, a major hint to the man with the bag... just sayin'... Oh yeah, and they are offering free shipping, $2 gift wrapping and extended returns. Winning. 
I am a strictly studs kind of gal when it comes to earrings... especially pearls. I sleep, shower, swim, lounge, etc. with pearls in my ears. I will occasionally depart from my pearls for other studs-- and I would like these as my go-to 'others'. Not to mention, they are under $40 which is super inexpensive in Lilly land. 
I had no idea about this-- a 5x5 coffee table book. Genius, I tell ya. Priced at $40, this is a great gift-- not to mention, I'm sure it will be a collector's item on day. 

Hi, my name is Sydney and I have an addiction to obnoxiously large pearl necklaces. Love love love this one
This wrap has to be my favorite thing of all. I am all about cashmere wraps. This bright pink is so pretty and girly. This is the perfect plane accessory. I never board a plane without a cashmere wrap-- it has saved me countless times from being freezing. 
Lilly is really on their Jewelry game. I tend to shy away from costume jewelry, but a lot of their stuff is too cute to pass up... like this cuff

I also have a question for all of you:
I love love love the J. Crew pixie pants. I wear them at least once a week, if not more. I love that they are a super thick legging but look like flattering pants when you pair them with a tunic length top. Has anyone tried the Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant? It looks like they have received great reviews and are priced the same as the pixie? Should I give them a try in place of my beloved pixie pant? I would love your input, thank you! Have a fabulous day! 



Girl Meets Bow said...

In more than a little obsessed with the travel pants (in fact I wore mine today)! They are super thick and stretchy and crazy comfortable while looking great! I think they're very true to size too. You should definitely check them out! :)

Girl Meets Bow said...

I love my Lilly Pulitzer travel pants (in fact I just wore them today)! They are super thick, super stretchy, and crazy comfortable! I also think they are very true to size. You should definitely get a pair – won't regret it! :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm with you on Lilly - I used to know every item they had every season but now living in a city, I check back less frequently. However, I still do love them and that wrap is gorgeous and a great gift!

Sasha Reilly said...

I am so not a Lilly girl but that pearl necklace is *amazing*. Especially for the holidays...might have to make my first Lilly purchase ever ;)

MParker said...

I love Pixie pants from J.Crew but I absolutely adore the Travel pants from Lilly. I feel like they are a bit more structured and look more like a riding pant than a legging. The little seams running down the front and back give them a little more and make them look even less like leggings. I just don't like the zipper on the back of the Pixie pants so that's another reason why I prefer the Travel pant.

Anonymous said...

I love the travel pants! I own 2 pairs of travel pants and 2 pairs of pixie pants -- they're good for different purposes really. The travel pants have a crease/pleat up the middle and the bottom part of the leg is a bit more open. So the travel pant is good for wearing with flats especially but boots are also ok. They are just as stretcy and comfy as the Pixie pant, but maybe a bit dressier. Very good quality - love!!

Unknown said...

I have two pairs of the travel pant. They fit like a legging in the thigh and then like a pant through the calf. I'm a bit on the short side (5'3) so mine could use some shortening, since I like the cropped pant look they have going on. I work at lilly p rn and some of the girls are telling me these travel pants run a bit slimmer in the tummy, and then more generous in the leg, so I recommend you try them on for sure.

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the Lilly! I highly recommending buying the Lilly 5x5! Mine just came in the mail the other day and I'm obsessed!!

Anonymous said...

I love Lilly, and have the travel pants in black. They look great with flats - I think they are a bit too baggy in the knees to wear with riding boots. I had problems with the zipper on the J Crew Pixie pants, so I don't have a pair. I agree with the other comments - definitely check out the travel pants!


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